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hellfire and damnation

1. The misery that one faces in hell. Unrepentant criminals better prepare themselves for hellfire and damnation after death.
2. Intense speech about the misery that one faces in hell. You're just scaring the kids with all this hellfire and damnation.
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Hellfire and damnation!

Inf. Damn it! (An oath used to express anger or irritation.) Hellfire and damnation! Turn that radio down! Hellfire and damnation! This is the second time our picnic's been rained out.
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In the wake of the Paris attacks, US pilots wrote "From Paris, With Love" as a taunting message to Daesh on Hellfire missiles and JDAM bombs.
Critique: Enhanced with period illustrations, extensive notes, a lengthy bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "Blasphemers & Blackguards: The Irish Hellfire Clubs" is an informed and informative history that is extraordinarily well written, meticulously researched, and deft presented.
According to a statement by the embassy said that America has handed over Iraq this month about a hundred rocket / Hellfire / with hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and rifles / 4 M4 /, after an assessment of an important common needs of weapons conducted by security experts from Iraq and the United States, and this represented the Last group in a series of important collection of the weapons that have been delivered.
The system is the first off-the-shelf product that is compatible with Lockheed Martin's Hellfire and Longbow missiles.
REAPER MQ-9Wingspan: 66ft Length: 36ft Top speed: 252mph Altitude: 50,000ft Weapons: 4 Hellfire missiles, 2 laser-guided 500lb bombs Flight time: Can hover 20,000ft over target for 20 hours
"We're accelerating our foreign military sales, deliveries, and are looking to provide an additional shipment of Hellfire missiles as early as this spring," he said.
SOUNDBITES SOUNDBITES |THE GOD of Hellfire and his six |piece band will play Saltburn's Spa Hotel tonight.
The band, which features Blue Oyster Cult alumni Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard and Dennis Dunaway, plays straight-up rock 'n' roll with an operatic bent, with song such as "Prophets, Dukes and Nomads,'' "Hallow's Grave'' and "Hellfire Hurry'' riding the line between classic rock and heavy metal, in a ways that's cathartic, accessible and fun.
The 28-year-old royal - who is serving on the frontline in Afghanistan and is nicknamed Big H by his comrades - unleashed a devastating 100lb Hellfire missile on the chief during an attack in October.
Blasphemers & blackguards; the Irish Hellfire Clubs.
SaltWorks introduced three new flavors of all-natural smoked sea salt for private labeling: Bonfire, Hellfire and Wildfire.
As equipment is transitioned out of Iraq, perhaps none is more critical than the HELLFIRE missile system.
MSgt Kreyling completed a site plan that was previously disapproved by the DDESB for Army helicopter FARP arming pads at Kirkuk AB that allowed for simultaneous refueling and arming AH-64 Apache helicopters with 10.8K lbs of 2.75 HE rockets, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and 30mm ammo.
Newly disclosed information by the Pentagon casts doubt on the accuracy and reliability of it primary anti-terrorism tool, the AGM-114 "Hellfire" missile.