hell or high water

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by hell or high water

By any means necessary; regardless of any difficulty, problem, or obstacle. By hell or high water, I am going to make it to your wedding!
See also: by, hell, high, water

hell or high water

Any means necessary, regardless of any difficulty, problem, or obstacle. By hell or high water, I am going to make it to your wedding!
See also: hell, high, water

(come) ˌhell or high ˈwater

whatever the difficulties or opposition may be: Come hell or high water, we’ve got to reach the injured men tonight.
See also: hell, high, water
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Come Hell or High Water is a documentary about Boston teacher Derrick Evans, who returned to his homeland in coastal Mississippi when he learned the graves of his ancestors were being deliberately bulldozed to accomodate the city of Gulfport.
com)-- ISM Entertainment and Team Treehouse Productions announced today that they are in pre-production for their new extreme kayaking web series Hell or High Water, with principal photography commencing in December of this year.
Hell or High Water is a reality series that will document the exhilarating missions of an experienced team of kayakers as they travel off the beaten path looking for their next big adventure.
In addition to world-class extreme kayaking and breathtaking locations, Hell or High Water will feature revolutionary Interactive Brand Integration Technology, allowing viewers to engage with products while watching the show.
Brand partners will be able to monetize the 'impulse to buy' of millions of consumers who will have an immersive and en-powering viewing experience,” said Ian McQueen, Hell or High Water Producer and President of ISM Entertainment.
I really enjoyed the well-researched and balanced article on sea-level rise (Came hell or high water, April 2011), which covered the many facets of this complex subject with the expertise that one has come to associate with Geographical.
We're starting it in July of 2011, and we're going to be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by 2014," he said.
Michael Eric Dyson's Come Hell or High Water lays out all the substantial issues, while Douglas Brinkely and Jed Horne provide the rich narrative accounts that force you to relive the moment through the lives of several representative individuals.
The piece, entitled Come Hell or High Water, was finally installed after an earlier attempt failed last week when the cars sank.
Come Hell or High Water was constructed in collaboration with artist Andy Dermott and Newcastle University.
Come Hell or High Water is a scathing audiobook indictment of the Bush administration's and FEMA's failures to sufficiently aid New Orleans' mostly poor, mostly black population in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.