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If that doesn't deter any yobs who have attached themselves to Chelsea or Man United then hell mend them.
If they select the former, then hell mend them - they are not worthy of the great club they claim to support.
If a mix of interpretive dance stand-up, surreal humour and a frontman who could be Viggo Mortenssen's wee brother sounds up your street, the hell mend you.
We got a grand total of TWO and neither could be printed in a family newspaper, so Hell mend ye, I'm keeping the beers for myself.
Deila doesn't put up with that kind of thing and if that's the case then hell mend him.
It's the same clubs year in, year out and hell mend any side that tries to chisel away at the glass ceiling.
Or might they just go down the FIFA way and hell mend us?
That 1200 Govan workers have been sacrificed on the altar of Cabinet in-fighting and anti-Scottish bias ("We don't have many MPs up there so hell mend the Jocks," may be the just-below-the-surface attitude) is in little doubt.
Hell mend them if that is their attitude to minorities.
If Lamont's job is filled by a duffer, by default, because the so–called big beasts are turning away and humming to themselves, then hell mend Labour.
HELL mend us, we feel a knighthood coming on - our plans, we're certain, would more than garner royal support.
And it all boils down to enriching those who already have money - and hell mend those who do not.
Anyway, hell mend them but those of us who are interested in the future of Scotland deserve to hear some different voices.
Well, hell mend us now because we've been mugged by politicans and bosses.