hell's bells

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hell's bells

An exclamation of frustration or surprise. A shortened form of the phrase "hell's bells and buckets of blood." Oh, hell's bells—the printer isn't working, and my paper is due in five minutes!
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Hell's bells (and buckets of blood)!

Inf. an exclamation of anger or surprise. (Use caution with hell.) Alice: Your pants are torn in back. John: Oh, hell's bells! What will happen next? Bill: Well, Jane, looks like you just flunked calculus. Jane: Hell's bells and buckets of blood! What do I do now?

Hell’s bells !


hell's bells

An interjection or mild expletive expressing surprise or annoyance. Dating from the first half of the nineteenth century, this expression undoubtedly owes its longevity to its rhyme. John Dos Passos used it in Manhattan Transfer (1925), “But hell’s bells, what’s the use when this goddam war takes the whole front page?”
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Hell's bells, how can we even pretend it's about owt else when the freakin' photos they use are called 'selfies.
Well, hell's bells, I not only hit the target but shot some pretty good groups.
Hell's Bells On one cold eerie Halloween a spell was put on the Sky Blues, that's why they're near the bottom and have a tendency to lose.
You look in the mirror and, hell's bells, there she is staring right back at you.
30pm THE rousing rendition of AC/DC's Hell's Bells which will accompany St Pauli and Greuther Furth onto the pitch at the Millerntor should inspire these heavyweights in today's key Bundesliga 2 clash, writes Steve Davies.
MAXWELL, VC, Lt Joe Hell's Bells & Mademoiselles HarperCollins, 2012 271 pp $24.
Other main stage acts include Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash (August 24), the Jon Amor Blues Group (August 23), New Amen Corner (August 25), indie hot-shots The Words from Manchester (August 20) and tribute acts The Secret Police (August 19) and Hell's Bells (AC/DC) (August 18).
HELL'S bells - as AC/DC would say - what a weekend at Download
In true AC/DC, over-the-top style, only their own stage can handle the legendary pyrotechnics, hell's bells, cannons, and of course the inflatable Rosie
Brian rang in Hell's Bells and we got to say hello to the blow-up Whole Lotta Rosie.
Obvious shows such as M*A*S*H and Father Dowling Mysteries are listed as well as less well-known shows such as the BBC series Hell's Bells.
Hell's bells, I've even caught them brass-necked enough to stick to the "mine, mine, all mine" routine in the face of elderly passengers flaking out in the aisles.
In 1932, his autobiography Hell's Bells and Mademoiselles was published.
Hell's bells, the California wine "leaders" let the marketing order that funded the Wine Advisory Board get scuttled, supposedly by then-Governor Jerry Brown and his horrid administration, led by Rose Bird and the Supremes.