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fall heir to (something)

To inherit something. Thank you! I fell heir to this pearl necklace when my grandmother died.
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plant pears for your heirs

proverb Take action that will benefit your heirs. Pear trees traditionally took such a long time to yield fruit that one would plant them for the benefit of the next generation. You should look into setting up some sort of trust fund that will grow over time and help your children when you're no longer here. Plant pears for your heirs, as they say.
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fall heir to something

1. Lit. to inherit something; to end up with certain possessions of someone who has died. I fell heir to all my grandmother's old photographs.
2. Fig. to end up with having to take care of something that no one else wants; to be placed in charge of something unexpectedly. Bob fell heir to the Wilson project and has to complete what Jane failed to do.
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A deceased person who has left a will is known legally as a testator, and the heirs of a testator have an unalloyed legal right to what remains of the estate after the payment of all the testator's debts and the execution of the will.
the determination of the amount of the legitimes by getting from the total thus found the portion that the law provides as the legitime of each respective compulsory heir.
Baab, Heir Property: A Constraint for Planners, an Opportunity for Communities, 63 PLANNING & ENVTL.
If there is a will, then it has to be probated, which is a judicial process where the court identifies the deceased person's property, pays for any debts, identifies the proper heirs, and then distributes the property to them in accordance with the provisions of the will.
If special measures were taken for the conservation of certain goods pursuant to article 1117-1118 Civil Code, the seizin heir would be prevented from actually exercising the possession.
Without an estate plan for the effective transfer of wealth, your clients' heirs may be subjected to a number of challenges, such as probate, creditors, lawsuits, judgments and legal fees -- all of which can compromise the value of the legacy that you and your client worked hard to create.
The aforesaid was raised by the President of Larnaca court in a recent judgment after heirs demanded the annulment of a transfer of land in the name of other heirs of a deceased person through fraud, misrepresentation or illegal and irregular procedures.
A spokesperson for Heir Hunters said: "The Birmingham Silversmiths and the Women's Land Army featured a lot in the episode.
gross taxpayer or heir benefit from transmitting the sum t to heirs, all of which stems from the initial $1 donation.
Second, the heirs can register the inherited plots under a family property partnership in the land registry offices.
Charles became heir apparent on the death of his grandfather George VI, when his mother succeeded to the throne on February 6 1952.
He declined to comment on how the firm makes its money but the Heir Hunters association website says firms can take up to 30% commission on their discoveries.
NEW laws to esnsure William and Kate's first child is heir to the throne if they have a girl are on a Parliamentary fast-track, despite concerns raised by Prince Charles.
QNA DOHA THE Heir Apparent His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani patronised the opening of the two-day International Trade Conference at the Qatar National Convention Center, in Doha, on Sunday.
In Shakespeare, the future is typically conceptualized in and through the figure of the child, or more exactly the child as heir contingent (presumptive, apparent, likely, unlikely, whatever).