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fall heir to something

1. Lit. to inherit something; to end up with certain possessions of someone who has died. I fell heir to all my grandmother's old photographs.
2. Fig. to end up with having to take care of something that no one else wants; to be placed in charge of something unexpectedly. Bob fell heir to the Wilson project and has to complete what Jane failed to do.
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Now be ye friends the heirs of my goal; to you throw I the golden ball.
I like to dine here," he said to his aunt when he had completed his meal, at the conclusion of which, and after a decent grace by Sir Pitt, the younger son and heir was introduced, and was perched on a high chair by the Baronet's side, while the daughter took possession of the place and the little wine-glass prepared for her near her mother.
Indeed, I could scarce discourse with him but in the intervals of my passion; however, at length I began, and expressing myself with wonder at my being so happy to have the trust of what I had left, put into the hands of my own child, I told him, that as to the inheritance of it, I had no child but him in the world, and was now past having any if I should marry, and therefore would desire him to get a writing drawn, which I was ready to execute, by which I would, after me, give it wholly to him and to his heirs.
Because Johnson is an heir himself, he gets a ram level of candor and depth from his interview subjects, who are also frequently his friends.
heir, D, will receive a partnership interest of $15,000; D's inside basis in such asset will also be $15,000.
There is no developed country in which agricultural plots are divided and distributed among heirs.
The previous oldest heir to the throne was Sophia of Hanover who died aged 83 in 1714, a few months before Queen Anne died.
This came during a visit to the gallery the day before yesterday where Britain's Heir Apparent was received by Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities and other senior officials.
He declined to comment on how the firm makes its money but the Heir Hunters association website says firms can take up to 30% commission on their discoveries.
But pals of the Prince said he fears a secondary reform allowing an heir to marry a Roman Catholic could have unintended consequences, because Catholics must raise children in their own faith.
HH the Heir Apparent also opened the Qatar International Trade Exhibition for Partners and Franchise, which is taking place along with the International Trade Conference.
The category of the heir is fraught, not only because one can never "have" one but also because contingent (presumptive or apparent) heirs do exist, but (from one perspective) primarily as contingent shadows of what they will or rather may be.
Elizabeth's eldest son and William's father, Charles, Prince of Wales, has just becomes longest-serving heir apparent in British history.
The required documents are a death certificate, ID copy of the deceased, "legal heir document", power of attorney for legal heir and legal heir's passport copy.