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sieg heil

1. noun A salute in which one's right arm is raised with one's hand outstretched; a Nazi salute. Known for its use by and association with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime. The phrase is German for "hail to victory." There is never an appropriate context to use the sieg heil, even in jest.
2. verb To salute in such a manner. White supremacists often sieg heil at rallies.
3. verb By extension, to obey someone with absolute fealty and subservience. His fanatical followers would be ready to sieg heil him right into their own graves, such is their zeal.
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sieg-heil someone

tv. to show homage to someone; to salute and obey someone. (From German. Use caution with this reminder of Nazi Germany.) The guy expects all his underlings to sieg-heil him and worship the ground he walks on.
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