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at the height of

At the pinnacle or maximum degree of. Disco was at the height of its popularity in the 1970s.
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the height of (something)

The pinnacle of something; the highest level of something. With three number one hits just this year, the artist is at the height of his success. What the banks did to precipitate the financial crisis was the height of greed.
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at the height of something

Fig. at the most intense or forceful aspect of something. At the height of his career, Tom was known around the world. At the height of the party, there were 50 people present.
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dizzy heights


dizzying heights

1. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high level of success. She had first known such dizzy heights in the 1960's when she became one of the top exponents of black American music. She was a poor girl propelled to the dizzying heights of fame by a group of powerful agents. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that someone has not achieved very much at all. After three and a half years, I had reached the dizzy heights of assistant account handler.
2. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high amount or level of something. The Dow Jones has scaled the dizzy heights to reach 10,000. The cost of oil imports reached dizzying heights before falling back and rising again in 1990. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that something is not at a very high level. The meat content of the pie can soar to the dizzy heights of 25 per cent.
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draw yourself up/rise to your full ˈheight

stand straight and tall in order to show your determination or high status: When the sales assistant said he couldn’t help her, she drew herself up to her full height and demanded to see the manager.
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have a (good) head for ˈheights

be able to stand on a high place without feeling ill or afraid: I won’t go up the church tower with you. I’ve no head for heights.
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Those who had lost more height were also much more likely to perform poorly on standard tests of cognitive health such as short-term memory, ability to perform basic arithmetic and awareness of the date.
There is some scant evidence that height is receiving some attention, if not protection, in the law of equality.
Rob claims stars such as martial arts hero Jackie Chan and Danny De Vito lie about their height.
We showed that the spatial resolution of the method is close to its theoretical limit, defined by the sharpness of the neutron wave functions versus height, or, in other words, by the sharpness of the gravitational barrier permeability for neutrons versus height.
In short, our heights may be declining, but our girths are expanding--extravagantly.
The movable dam is mechanically more complex and expensive than a set of removable keys, but it offers a complete height range from root diameter to barrel ID.
Push off the back leg, driving the knee up and forward to get as much height and distance as possible Repeat alternating legs 10 times.
That would shrink the thermosphere and cause the height of the ionosphere to drop by 10 to 20 km, according to calculations.
To that end, height has received its rightful share of attention.
Vint's research also indicates that where one technique has the force of both legs to gain maximum takeoff velocity, the other technique benefits from an increased takeoff height as a result of the elevated leg.
However, these broadened patient selection criteria have remained controversial due to uncertainties in almost every step in the diagnosis and treatment process: selecting patients to be tested, limitations in the laboratory testing for GH, establishing diagnostic cut-offs for normal versus abnormal GH levels, ability of the laboratory tests to predict response to GH therapy, changes in growth velocity due to GH therapy, whether resulting final height is significantly improved, and whether this improvement is clinically or emotionally significant for the patient.
The rental space at Height 1 - a good 7,100 square meters - will be used in full by the legal firm MDS MEuHRLE / HAPP LUTHER.
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): A gene called LIN28B strongly influences height growth from birth to adulthood in a complex and sex-specific manner, according to researchers at the University of Helsinki and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)
Features have been added to the company's standard WinTest based dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) application software, including mixed mode testing, strain or stress control, measurement of specimen height, and new calculations and export features.
The BMI is a mathematical formula that uses a ratio to express the relationship between a person's height and weight.