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give heed to (something)

To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give ample or due consideration. You'd best give heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past. Give heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about.
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pay heed to someone

to listen to and accommodate someone. You had better pay heed to your father! They are not paying heed to what I told them.
See also: heed, pay

take heed (of someone or something)

to be cautious with someone or something; to pay attention to someone or something. We will have to take heed of Wendy and see what she will do next. You will learn to take heed of these little signs that things are not going well.
See also: heed, take

give/pay ˈheed (to somebody/something)


take ˈheed (of somebody/something)

(formal) pay careful attention to somebody/something: They gave little heed to the rumours.I paid no heed at the time but later I had cause to remember what he’d said.
See also: give, heed, pay
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It appears to be advice that was heeded by other squad members too, with Ayoze Perez getting up to take a quick free-kick before setting up the equaliser for Cabella to make it 2-2 at the John Smith's Stadium this Turn to Page 78
The minister said, The money the government is using treating victims could have been directed to other activities if the victims had heeded warnings against siphoning off fuel.
McBride's scholarly rendering of the "Just War" theory should be read and heeded by the CCCB.
His larger point is that the people are far too stupid to be heeded by politicians.
Michael Thomas Ramsey, 22, heeded the advice of a hostage negotiator and came out of a house in the 38200 block of Foxlane Drive about 6:30 p.
We know that Martha heeded the call of Jesus to go deeper within because in John's gospel she reveals her understanding of who Jesus is: "Yes, Lord .
Fortunately, her warning was at least partly heeded and the music of spring plays on.
If the University system had heeded the Legislature's mandate we could have eased the impact of the present budget crisis in Illinois' higher education system and avoided some tuition increases and program cuts.