hedge in

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hedge in

1. Literally, to form a border or boundary around something with a hedge (a row of shrubs or small trees). A noun or pronoun can be used between "hedge" and "in." We hedged the garden in with thorny rose bushes to keep larger animals out.
2. To surround someone or something, especially in a manner that impedes movement or egress. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hedge" and "in"; often used in passive constructions. We came out of the museum to find that several large tour buses had hedged in our car. Police hedged the protestors in and began arresting them one by one. The small town is hedged in on all sides by mountains.
3. To limit, constrain, or restrict someone's or something's freedom or ability to do something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hedge" and "in"; typically used in passive constructions. As teenagers grow and develop their own sense of independence, it's natural for them to begin feeling hedged in by their parents. Several large companies are complaining that they are being hedged in by the new legislation.
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hedge someone or something in

to enclose someone or something in a hedge. (See also hedge someone in.) Their overgrown yard has almost hedged us in. Their bushes hedged in our yard.
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hedge someone in

Fig. to restrict someone. (See also hedge someone or something in.) Our decision hedged in the children so they could not have any flexibility. She hedged herself in by her own behavior.
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* A derivative that is designated as a cash flow hedge in two components, with the ineffective portion reported in earnings and the effective portion reported in other comprehensive income.
Most important, the reinvoicing center can assess its net position on all intercompany transactions and hedge in the forward market accordingly.