hedge against

hedge against (something)

1. To take an action in order to offset a potential future loss. What can we do to hedge against possible financial losses?
2. To protect something against a potential future loss. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "hedge" and "against." What can we do to hedge our investments against possible losses?
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hedge something against something

Fig. to protect investments against a decline in value by making counterbalancing bets or investments. The investor hedged his portfolio against a drop in stock prices by buying some bonds. I have to hedge my bets against losing.
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hedge against something

to do something to lessen the risk of something happening; to bet against something bad happening. I want to hedge against something going wrong in the stock market, so I have bonds in my portfolio, too. We will hedge against any risk we can detect.
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The move will drag up the percentage of deals in the currency and give the company a better hedge against exchange rate fluctuations.
Swiss Re recently entered into an agreement to raise $400 million in principal from investors to hedge against catastrophic mortality exposure.
As a hedge against currency fluctuations, airlines typically try to match their dollar expenses with dollar revenues.
Because hedging takes considerable effort, a company should hedge against only significant price fluctuations likely to cause major problems.
Having a comprehensive understanding of economic freedom around the world can help businesses assess and hedge against risk; know which countries are likely to buy more U.S.
Since the company needs financing and the future sterling interest payments provide at least a partial hedge against the sterling export sales, the treasurer's convinced he's finally solved the hedging problem.
Now a new position in Jul 45 puts is being opened for a cash outlay of $2.6M and the roll - likely a hedge against stock - reflects concerns about further losses through the next earnings cycle in late-June.
Summary: Gold lost half a percent on Monday, on course for its sharpest one-day loss in three weeks as a surprisingly upbeat US job market report dented the precious metal's appeal as a hedge against inflation.
18 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION shows that 12-year-old girls who take calcium tablets for 18 months build more bone mass than those who don't, a possible hedge against osteoporosis later in life.
Many gold buyers want a hedge against the risk of inflation or possible declines in the value of the dollar or other currencies.
Gold can be a hedge against inflation, it acts as a 'safe haven' in times of uncertainty, cushioning investors from the impacts of financial crises, such as those international markets are currently experiencing.
Called the PB Capital Protected Resources Fund, it is designed to provide a hedge against inflation while participating in the growth opportunities of the resources sector.
Investors bought bonds to hedge against a rising yen as remarks made the previous day by a high-ranking Japanese official on possible monetary intervention failed to stem the yen's uptrend, brokers said.
The move will drag up the percentage of deals in the currency to 90% and give the company a better hedge against cash-exchangefluctuations.