hedge against

hedge something against something

Fig. to protect investments against a decline in value by making counterbalancing bets or investments. The investor hedged his portfolio against a drop in stock prices by buying some bonds. I have to hedge my bets against losing.
See also: hedge

hedge against something

to do something to lessen the risk of something happening; to bet against something bad happening. I want to hedge against something going wrong in the stock market, so I have bonds in my portfolio, too. We will hedge against any risk we can detect.
See also: hedge
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The launch of RMB/foreign exchange put option transactions can not only provide customers with more diversified products to hedge against exchange rate risks, but also promote the development of RMB/foreign exchange derivative products, which will invigorate derivatives trading in the interbank foreign exchange market, activate the price discovery function of the financial market, and further facilitate the reform of the exchange rate formation mechanism in China.
Summary: Gold fell more than 1 percent on Friday, extending a sell-off from the previous session when the US central bank chief gave no hint on imminent stimulus, disappointing investors and dampening the appeal of gold as a hedge against monetary easing.
77 billion as a hedge against potential losses, according to the filing.
There is no "silver bullet" in the investment world that can provide a perfect hedge against inflation.
The carrier could not even hedge against high fuel prices recently because its share capital base was too thin to underpin such hedges.
From idiotic executives to volatile stars to rewrites that shred the intentions of the original script, Doing It For Money tell it like it is, and offers a wealth of tips, such as registering one's work with the Writers Guild of America as a hedge against plagiarism (both guild and non-guild members can do this for a small fee).
First, they are simply selling yen in the forward markets as a hedge against their current Japanese equity holdings.
For the risk-averse investor, royalty trusts offer diversification and a pure investment in commodities; they reduce a portfolio's overall risk and provide a hedge against inflation.
By refinancing short term adjustable rate mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit into longer term adjustable or fixed rate mortgages, a homeowner can hedge against the further and all but certain erosion in rates expected later this year.
Originally targeted toward utilities to enable them to hedge against unseasonable weather, these derivatives are now used by farmers, resorts, casinos, the travel industry, manufacturers of seasonal equipment, underwriters, reinsurers and any other sector with revenues subject to the vagaries of the weather.
Business owners routinely pay significant insurance premiums as a hedge against a catastrophic one-time occurrence.
It could be said that this mill will be a hedge against future shortages.
This will give him continued growth, protect his purchasing power, and help hedge against inflation.