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The sensations of bodily heaviness and warmth elicited in autogenic training are correlated with muscular relaxation.
Although most investigations of the size-weight illusion are psychophysical studies limited to the effect of volume on verbal reports of heaviness (see review in ]ones, 1986), researchers have also investigated its role in manual lifting (e.
Photographer Zhou Hai's images of factory workers and miners in China are part of a touring exhibition called "The Unbearable Heaviness of Industry.
The flavor is magnificent, very much like a rich terrine des fruits de mer, but without any heaviness or oiliness.
A 47-year-old white man complained of substernal heaviness and dysphagia while eating solids.
The recipient of the American Institute of Architects' 1995 Medal of Honor, Vinoly has said that architecture is "an art of dealing with heaviness," and in his designs for the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia and the Tokyo International Forum, transparent and opaque glass form floors, walls and ceilings that appear to float and soar.
However, if you pass a lot of clots, or find a severe change in terms of duration or heaviness, see your doctor to rule out any hormonal problems or abnormalities.
From annual self-reported health questionnaires, the scientists computed each man's heaviness as gauged by body-mass index (BMI)--weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.
The most frequently reported adverse events were paresthesia, heaviness, asthenia nausea, dizziness and (non-chest) tightness.
Rapid weight gain may be more predictive of impending type 2 diabetes than lifelong heaviness, Dr.
The feeling of heaviness and fatigue is probably the only way your body has to communicate the need for rest and shouldn't be ignored--it should be respected.
But we don't save natural spaces from ourselves or undergo spiritual transformation with a studious, weary heaviness.
Since these sensations were not the numbness and buzzing heaviness I feel with MS, I almost enjoyed them.
We convince ourselves that nothing worthwhile can come from such heaviness.
There's a heaviness to the Klezmatics that's anathema to ordinary klezmer music, which by its very nature and function is escapist, even as it celebrates cultural cohesion.