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Characterized by excessive spending and government expansion funded by excessive taxation. Used before a noun. The average working class citizen is sick of the tax-and-spend policies of this administration. The candidate is running her campaign as an attack against a tax-and-spend government that she claims is suffocating the country.

weigh heavily with (one)

To be an important or influential factor for one, especially when faced with making a decision. This is an issue that weighs heavily with my constituents, so I am making it a priority during my time in Congress. Being close enough to visit my family during breaks weighed heavily with me when I was choosing which college to attend.
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spending freely and taxing heavily. (Referring to a legislative body that repeatedly passes expensive new laws and keeps raising taxes to pay for the cost. Fixed order.) I hope that people do not elect another tax-and-spend Congress this time. The only thing worse than a tax-and-spend legislature is one that spends and runs up a worsening deficit.
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These reserves represent approximately 26 percent of exposure to those heavily indebted developing countries that have incurred external financial difficulties.
The Syrian Army's missile and artillery units heavily pounded the positions and movements of Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in Jorjnaz, Talmanes, Tahtayeh and Um Jalal towns in Southeastern Idlib.
"In heavily polluted areas, consider wearing masks that cover your nose and mouth, limit hours outside and limit long hours commuting to work in high traffic as well," cautioned Saran, adding that the risk should be taken seriously.
These folk need to understand that it snows heavily in these other countries on many days during the winter, and this is repeated every year, so they prepare for it and spend a lot of money in the process.
He covers magneto thermoelectric power in heavily doped quantum confined non-parabolic semiconductors, and in heavily doped quantum confined superlattices, and a few related applications.
Meanwhile, weather enthusiast Bader Ali Al Baddaei, an administrator of www.rthmc.net , a local Web-based forum that discusses weather in Oman, said that it is heavily raining in Samail, Barka, Quriayt, Amerat and other areas in Muscat.
It was still raining heavily when we came out, so I had to go and buy a new one.
Not surprisingly, the most heavily traveled are on the Interstate Highway System, which carries the bulk of truck traffic and passenger vehicles.
"There is definitely a range that goes from minimally processed to heavily processed," says Arday.
After tackling a tricky hill climb course and an unusual visit to the supermarket, the three arrive at an old Army training ground in Wales where their ageing cars must evade the heavily armed and heavily moustachioed Top Gear Police Department.
Research by sociologist Elizabeth McClintock of Indiana's University of Notre Dame shows that, when married or cohabiting men are employed in heavily female occupations--such as teaching, childcare work, or nursing--they spend more time doing housework, compared to when they are employed in traditionally male jobs.
The Study: This meta-analysis looked at two types of studies: nine studies that looked at children that lived near heavily trafficked roads and cancer incidence, and four studies that looked at prenatal exposure to a home near heavily trafficked roads and cancer incidence.
The quake also left 5,516 houses damaged heavily, 2,750 moderately and 5,593 lightly.
Summary: Members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party deployed heavily in Hamra during a celebration held by the party to commemorate the 1982 killing of three Israeli soldiers by SSNP member Khaled Alwan at a restaurant in Hamra.
Restaurants, mostly patronised by bachelors in the expatriate communities, are not hit heavily in the summer when several families travel home.