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Gateshead and South Tyneside's heaviest babies came in at weights of 11lb 11oz and 10lb 15oz respectively.
Cathedral spokesman Eryl Parry said: "Liverpool Cathedral has the heaviest peal of bells in the world hung for ringing in the traditional English style.
Chairman Dr Bruce Ritson said: "Alcohol policy has tended to focus on the minority who are the heaviest drinkers.
The world's heaviest man, Joe Brower Minnoch of Seattle, tipped the scales at 100st before his death in 1983.
He and his coworkers have confirmed this picture in recent experiments that produced the heaviest known isotopes of elements 104, 106, 108, and 110.
The heaviest bag will win PS250, the heaviest fish wins PS150.
Paul McIntyre took the heaviest bag of six for 12lb 20z, while Gary Appleton won the Newbiggin cash match with 22lb.
He caught the heaviest fish of the match at 1lb 5oz, and weighed in a total of 4lb 6.
Matt finished just over 2lbs clear of Sean Bartley, with Chris Horn 5lbs further back,while Jake Chalmers had the heaviest fish - a 7lbs 4oz cod.
The research shows the roles of dads and grandparents in raising children is changing, but mums continue to carry the heaviest burden.
An Onion Fair will be held at Dewsbury Market - with prizes of up to pounds 500 for the three heaviest onions.
U10s: 1,Meilir Sion Williams, Bron View,Blaenau Ffestiniog, 6 fish for 5lb 10oz (heaviest fish, 2lb 10oz); 2,Iwan Jones, Bowydd View,Blaenau Ff,4 fish for 5lb 4oz (heaviest fish, 2lb 8oz); 3, Chris Evans, Pengwndwn, Blaenau Ff, 3 fish for 4lb 4oz (heaviest fish, 2lb 13oz); U10 Trophy for heaviest fish -Chris Evans, Pengwndwn, Blaenau Ff.
AN animal lover who has dedicated his life to looking after exotic creatures has accidentally created the world's heaviest spider.