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Entry is PS10 with a 100% payout on the day for fist and second heaviest bag and heaviest fish.
The second heaviest was recorded by the Hampshire hospitals trust and came in at 14lb 2oz.
Northumbria's second heaviest newborn was just one ounce lighter at 12lb 6oz, and was the only other North East baby with a weight of 12lbs or more.
The heaviest traffic is expected in the direction of Sofia since, on Wednesday and Thursday, over 100,000 vehicles left the city.
The heaviest fish of the night caught by Keith Logan, of North Berwick AC, weighed 3lb 9.5oz.
The heaviest baby of all was born at the Royal Berkshire hospital and weighed 15lb 14oz.
Cash prizes for the second and third places both for the Heaviest and Longest Bangus were P10,000 and P5,000 and trophies respectively.
Although Liverpool Cathedral already has the highest and heaviest peal of bells in the world, it was the first time the team had attempted a full peal using the back eight bells.
While the ringing will be on eight bells there will actually be nine ringers as two - father and daughter team Len and Rachel Mitchell - will be ringing the tenor (heaviest) bell which weighs more than four tons.
It found that 63 per cent of men said they had consumed more than four units on their heaviest drinking day of the previous week.
Flooding in eastern Uganda has forced 2,000 people from their homes and affected 50,000 during the heaviest rains there for 35 years, humanitarian agencies said yesterday.
THE world's heaviest woman - who once topped the scales at 85 stone - has died at the age of 63.
The metal flows into the mold cavity at the heaviest section, thus preventing an initial chilling of the metal by the mold as occurs with a small volume of metal.
The article is titled "Heaviest Element Discovered."