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hearth and home

Family and home; home life. When I was on my grand adventure, there was nothing I missed so much as hearth and home.
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a cricket on the hearth

A sign of good health and good fortune. I'm putting this cricket statuette here because a cricket on the hearth is supposed to bring good luck.
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hearth and home

home and its comforts.
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cricket on the hearth

A symbol of good luck and health. A cricket on the hearth has been a sign of household luck for millennia and in many cultures. Crickets were widely considered to bring good fortune as well as a kind of companionship. Representations of a cricket have long been included as a fireplace decoration. The expression “to find a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing of all” comes from Charles Dickens's novella, Cricket on the Hearth.
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This autumn, Hearth talks and authors will focus on Welsh writing, although all talks will be in English.
Some mounds and two stone pillars are situated near the fourth and fifth hearths.
It's a hearth that's unextinguishable--at least for untold billions of years.
There are only two showrooms in NJ that currently have a live, working Wood Stone Hearth Oven and one of them is at Karl's Appliance in Fairfield.
For the purposes of feature counts, we treat each hearth-row, hearthrow set, and lbnghouse as an individual feature representing as many social units as there are hearths or hearth sets.
Cottage Hearth breads are distributed by Unified Grocers and other distributors to select independentlyowned and operated retail grocery stores in Southern California and Arizona.
Check with your local fire department and homeowner's insurance to determine the proper size and location of the hearth and be sure your floor can support the extra weight before pouring the concrete.
Like all Olde Hearth bagels, the Lemon Poppy Seed bagel is kettle boiled then hearth baked to provide the authentic taste and texture of a traditional bagel, according to company officials.
Can Eng studied the available furnace configurations, including walking beam, chain conveyor and fluidized beds, before finally settling on a rotary hearth design that was used in early forging operations.
This means the hearth sticks out at the narrowest point of the room.
Inside the hearth she placed a large arrangement of silk hydrangeas, ranunculus and calla lilies in apple green, coral, yellow and dusty salmon tones to complement the colors of her boutique.
Retailers can capitalize on this trend and find the latest designs and innovations in the hearth, patio, pool/spa, casual furniture and barbecue industries by attending the HPBExpo 2007, which is set for March 14-17 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nev.
Chapters discuss at length how to keep the hearth clean and the cook safe, demonstrating effective techniques used in centuries past as well as today.
But there is no area of public policy where it would be easier to save lives than in promoting public hearth.