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a cricket on the hearth

A sign of good health and good fortune. I'm putting this cricket statuette here because a cricket on the hearth is supposed to bring good luck. No, don't kill it! A cricket on the hearth is a good thing! No, thank you, I don't want a picture of a cricket near my fireplace—and don't start with that "cricket on the hearth" stuff.
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hearth and home

Family and home; home life. When I was on my grand adventure, there was nothing I missed so much as hearth and home.
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hearth and home

home and its comforts.
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cricket on the hearth

A symbol of good luck and health. A cricket on the hearth has been a sign of household luck for millennia and in many cultures. Crickets were widely considered to bring good fortune as well as a kind of companionship. Representations of a cricket have long been included as a fireplace decoration. The expression “to find a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing of all” comes from Charles Dickens's novella, Cricket on the Hearth.
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Susan Wollenberg has been selected to serve as chief financial officer for Windhaven Insurance and The Hearth Insurance Group, according to Jimmy E.
A reflector oven and Dutch oven will be used on the hearth of the Gaylord Freeman fireplace in the Atwell Burr House at the museum.
"While 40 years have delivered so much change in our lives, from how to cook to what we eat to how we spend our downtime, two things have remained constant: The hearth is still the heart of the home, and we continue to have a passion for gathering around the backyard flame with friends and family for a delicious, flavorful meal.
In many of the essays and poems in this remarkable new collection, the idea of the hearth is often defined by its opposite: in 2018 it's difficult not to feel engulfed by traumas at the psychological, social, political, climactic, and global scales.
Hearth Development and its building arm, Nottingham Construction, are about two months into construction of the 141-unit Prairie Bluffs project on a 4.74-acre site bordered by Pioneer Trail on the north, Hennepin Town Road on the west and Highway 169 on the east.
Gavin said: "I'm doing the hearth sessions with Bord na Mona, doing a little fireside gig.
The first bedroom features an ornamental fireplace with a tiled hearth and exposed wooden floor, while bedrooms two and three both have cast iron fireplaces.
A Positive Deviance Hearth intervention is a home and neighborhood-based nutrition program for children who are at risk for protein-energy malnutrition in developing countries.
Hearth offers an opportunity to meet, talk and create with four authors over a weekend of writingrelated activity.
Horsley, the Hearth's sheep mascot, will be making a return appearance in person at the fair, along with a mystery ovine friend.
I have tried to clean ring marks off a shiny stone hearth with vinegar and this led to a dull patch so I cleaned the rest resulting in a dull blotchy hearth.
Trace of a human foot size 52 was found by archaeologists at the so-called Manas' stone hearth located at Son-Kul pasture, Ak-Talaa district of Naryn region.
I had a fireplace with a marble-style hearth installed but I don't know how it was fixed to the floor - I assume it was cemented.
These techniques resulted in the mapping and subsequent unearthing of a stone hearth cooking site, referred to herein as the hearth site (Tomasic, 2010, 2012).