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After Papas sings, magnificently, heartbreakingly, an ancient Greek song, the captain learns that in Aden terrorists smuggled time bombs on board.
Brochu is at his most heartbreakingly touching when he achieves tiny victories such as getting the little girl out of the car or when he walks onto the lot and gazes silently at his son's demolished car.
Still others, such as "En revenant de l'esse" (in which a young woman is unjustly accused of killing her husband and prays to Mary for help) are simply and heartbreakingly lovely.
Our women had struggled and trained in anonymity, shouldered the burden of championing the sport, and then, heartbreakingly, lost.
With dimensions of 107 x 103 x 20 mm and weighing just 200 g, the dinky and, frankly, heartbreakingly lovely PIX-MPTV/U4W will sit quietly and cutely in your hand like a little newborn chick.
Many interviewed teens are adamant in their dislike of labels, others wear them proudly, and yet others are heartbreakingly candid about the pain and isolation negative labels can bring.
It's that heartbreakingly lonely, lovely land that's the star of the book Fifty Miles From Home; Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch.
Red Rum was just well-handicapped, I suppose, and his defeat of Crisp wasn't one of the most heartbreakingly emotional moments in sporting history.
David (Haley Joel Osment) is a sentient and heartbreakingly adorable robot that wants to become a real boy.
In a detailed and heartbreakingly sincere performance, Spanish star Javier Bardem portrays the poet, who escaped Cuba in 1980 and--suffering from AIDS--killed himself ten years later in New York City.
The Taj is beautiful, but unfortunately located in a heartbreakingly poor, devastatingly polluted modern city.
Three brook trout lay at their feet, heartbreakingly beautiful with their red and blue spots, olive backs melting into cream-colored bellies, and brilliant orange fins edged in black and white.
Chaplin, one of the greatest tragicomic mimes, is internationally famous as the creator of the Tramp, the heartbreakingly goodwilled character with baggy pants, oversized shoes, a derby hat, and an awkward walk.
Steampunk fans will find much to love here, particularly the regal metal flying horse named Jules that gives the book it's most heartbreakingly reflective moment.
I have no idea of the young man's identity or circumstances but a few minutes of news footage made his problems heartbreakingly clear to me, and not just his problems; the families searching for stability too.