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The heart-breaking, conspiring, undermining toil of years approached fruition.
He was weighed down by debt, his brother's family was dependent on him, he was forced to write at heart-breaking speed, and is said never to have corrected his work.
It goes on moaning in such a heart-breaking fashion, and you never know when it is dead.
Another day of heart-breaking and dangerous toil saw us in camp with the two topmasts to the good.
She gave it up, and I heard her scream in a way that cut me to the soul, for it was a woman's scream of fear and heart-breaking despair.
But the old man he didn't take any hand hardly, and was absent-minded and restless, and done a considerable amount of sighing; and it was kind of heart-breaking to see him so sad and troubled and worried.
They heard the terrible question, and a heart-breaking silence followed.
The two leaders, during a phone call, "agreed it was a humanitarian catastrophe, and that the overwhelming responsibility for the heart-breaking human suffering lay with the Syrian regime and Russia, as the regime's main backer," the premier's office said.
It was a heart-breaking sight for me to see scores of students most of whom seemed financially pressed working in space that was extremely cramped and poorly lit.
Their stories can be alternately heart-breaking and inspiring; an amalgam of lives once lived and futures dreamed of.
Burke, who won the X Factor in the same year JLS were runners up, wrote in the Radio Times: "Saturday was heart-breaking, to be honest.
IANS Vishal Dadlani says the trend of remixing of old songs is heart-breaking and needs to be stopped.
22 (ANI): Despite various laws banning manual scavenging, a heart-breaking incident has come to light in Madhya Pradesh's Chhatarpur.
Gonzales, 26, made headlines for her heart-breaking split with Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga last February.
CAROLINE'S brother Darren has paid a heart-breaking tribute to the young woman whose courage captured the hearts of the nation.