hearken to

hearken back to (something)

1. To recall or remind one of something in the past. ("Hearken" is actually an archaic word meaning "to listen," but it is more commonly used in place "hark" for this idiomatic phrase in contemporary English.) That song hearkens back to an earlier time in my life. The diner is clearly trying to hearken back to the aesthetics of the early 1950s.
2. To have originated or begun as something. You know, our modern cell phones hearken back to those old rotary phones you like to make fun of.
3. To revisit or think again about something mentioned earlier. Before we get too upset, let's all hearken back to the real reason we're here today.
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hearken to (someone or something)

To listen closely or attentively to something. Edgar, hearken to that sound—I think someone's coming!
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hearken to someone or something

Formal or stilted to listen to someone or something; to pay attention to someone or something. Please hearken to me. I speak the truth. Hearken to the call of the nightingale.
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Now it's an occasion to truck thoughts and hearken to the leaders who make merry of importance role in human life.
With its soaring spire, 40 Wall stands distinctly among the handful of pyramidal-topped towers in Lower Manhattan that hearken to the district's 20th Century heyday as the city's premiere commercial office district.
innocent of measure but will hearken to how one story becomes another
And if those clues weren't enough, there is a trail of corpses from Chechnya to London, as well as Putin's Soviet-style foreign and domestic policies that hearken to Brezhnev and Andropov, if not Stalin.
Hearken to a spot of home-spun wisdom dispensed at a Wirral hairdresser where the clientele were discussing the ideal qualities they look for in men.
Now that the heavy lifting is behind him, Mays is setting the tone for the Fords of the future, even though some of these hearken to the past.
'It is better we hearken to the voice of peace and boast of a better future than shut our ears to it today and regret such actions tomorrow,' she said.
'We appeal to Ndigbo to hearken to this clarion call as all we need is to vote for President Buhari, so as to reinforce the equity, natural justice and good conscience which is on our side.
The party said: 'The teachings by the holy prophet is that the Eid-el-Kabir afford us the opportunity to share the love with all including the less privileged, which are core basis towards a better society and we must hearken to them jealously.'
'I have received calls from different groups and individuals in this our local government and that is why I have decided to hearken to their calls to represent them at the state house of assembly,' he said.