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hearing things

Having auditory hallucinations. Bob: "Listen, I'm sure that someone is right behind us!" Jack: "Bob, you're hearing things. There's nothing out here but us and the wind."
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hard of hearing

[of someone] unable to hear well or partially deaf. Please speak loudly. I am hard of hearing. Tom is hard of hearing, but is not totally deaf.
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hearing impaired

Euph. deaf or nearly deaf. This program is closed-captioned for our hearing-impaired viewers. His mother happens to be hearing impaired, so he learned to sign at an early age.
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hard of hearing

Somewhat deaf, having a partial loss of hearing. For example, You'll have to speak distinctly; Dad's a little hard of hearing. The use of hard in the sense of "difficulty in doing something" survives only in this expression. [Mid-1500s]
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a fair ˈhearing

the opportunity for somebody to give their point of view about something before deciding if they have done something wrong, often in a court of law: I’ll see that you get a fair hearing.
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hard of ˈhearing

unable to hear well: He’s become rather hard of hearing.The television programme has subtitles for the hard of hearing.
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in/within (somebody’s) ˈhearing

near enough to somebody so that they can hear what is said: She shouldn’t have said such things in your hearing.
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hard of hearing

1. Having a partial loss of hearing.
2. People who have partial loss of hearing, considered as a group.
See also: hard, hearing, of
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Administrative hearings ``are not covered by the Brown Act,'' Diamond said.
VAN NUYS -- A hearing challenging a city order to remove a portable basketball hoop from a curb near a San Fernando Valley community activist's home was continued Tuesday after a city inspector closed the session to the public.
Notifying taxpayers of their right to a CDP hearing for both of the above; and
An NFTL informs taxpayers of their right to request a CDP hearing.
These amendments, which reversed the prior presumption in favor of closed hearings, reveal a congressional belief that the public benefits of open hearings would generally outweigh the disruptions inherent in them.
Accordingly, before the Board exercises its discretion to close a hearing, there should be a substantial basis for concluding that the case reflects unusual circumstances that overcome the presumption in favor of open hearings.
Over 22 million Americans are diagnosed with hearing losses.
One day of hearings, said Gibbons, a 33-year member of the House, was hardly enough "on a matter involving the life and perhaps death of so many of our seniors and disabled people.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Hearing Society (IHS) challenges the conclusions in "Hearing Aids and the Older Consumer," a study of the hearing aid industry conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
Many years ago, Finance assessors used to appear at every hearing to defend their assessments, however, through the years of budget tightening, this practice has changed so that assessors are present at only a very few important hearings.
The Academy is working in conjunction with Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH), the Texas Academy of Audiology and Phonak Hearing Systems during the first phase of hurricane relief efforts for people with hearing loss.
I consider the contestants in the hearings as my customers," he said, with a straight face.
The reports recommend better record keeping by the Tax Commission, and suggested either tape recording the hearings or having a stenographer present.
com subscribers get access to selected hearings and proceedings as part of their standard subscription courtesy of WSJ.
The new Code, almost all of which goes into effect immediately, revamps the organization's disciplinary process by adding professional hearing officers who will conduct all disciplinary hearings, draft decisions, and lead the three-member hearing panels.