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When things went wrong, or I heard things, I used to think it was her fault, but, looking back, it's more mine.
Just yesterday I heard things from people, newspaper guys who are very close to the ground at Liverpool, saying that the Sanchez deal was actually done," the 60-year-old former centre-back told Metro.
For example, I've talked to clubs who say they've heard things about me, so I have to say none of them are true.
We could learn so much from the butterfly, When faced with difficult things to try, From a tiny butterfly we can learn so much, To tackle heard things with courage as much.
Berrabah said that before she joined, she thought that the Sugababes were bitches, as she heard things, and saw interviews where they didn't smile.
He said he heard things being smashed inside the apartment.
She said: "I've heard things recently saying I'm leaving the band and quitting the UK for LA.
Mr Antcliff only asked them about the relationship because he had heard things from other staff.
So if you relied exclusively on traditional news sources --assistant secretaries and above--you would not have heard things we heard.
I've heard things while working that I haven't even told my wife, the job means so much to me.
When the script for Billy first made the rounds of potential financiers, O'Haver says, "I heard things like `It's not dark enough' or `It needs to be more of a coming-out film.
We heard things like, 'I have a checkbook but my bank is gone.
Whenever I heard things about Alex and what they did in bed I'd get up and go away.
I had heard things before but I hadn't heard anything official.