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It was he who said, `You must love me.' But I then thought that I was the only one to hear his voice.
But she seemed not to hear me and acted exactly as though I were not there.
When the music stopped, I seemed to hear a noise from the skulls in the heap of bones; it was as though they were chuckling and I could not help shuddering."
I went to him and told him that I could see nothing but one face, hear nothing but one voice.
We could hear the talk of slave-girls amongst the sheds.
He seemed to hear a stir in the house--listened--then stepped in noiselessly.
But since the sun of to-day rose she hears nothing--she hears not me.
Surely we ought to hear what this lady has to say?"
"It's an insult to Grace," he broke out, warmly, "to hear what she has to say!"
"But it is certainly a startling form of madness when one first hears of it.
Better hearing is always in style While creating hearing aids as modern, fashionable devices can help convince more people with hearing loss to wear them, equally important is that they maintain their primary function -- to help people hear. In addition to revolutionary design, the latest hearing aids also deliver a wide range of features to provide superior hearing in any situation, from understanding other people even in noisy environments to hearing your own voice as naturally as possible.
that offers the Access brand of quality yet affordable hearing aids signal a tremendous opportunity to more Filipinos to be able to hear. This Canadian company is a social enterprise founded five years ago by Audra Renyi (who is also executive director of the World Wide Hearing International).
Dr Abdul Hadi highlighted the example of a long-term patient, a young Qatari girl, who was born deaf in 2008 but was able to hear after being treated for sensorineural hearing loss.
We want to hear the conversation with our walking buddy, but we still want to be aware of nearby traffic.