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1. informal A large amount (of something). There was already a heap of people waiting to get into the store this morning. We've had a heap of problems getting our product out to market.
2. slang An old, beat-up, or run-down car. I know it isn't a looker, but this heap still runs great. My dad said he would get me a car for my birthday, but he just gave me his old heap and bought a new one for himself!


1. noun, informal A large amount (of something). He's got heaps of money. He can afford to buy us lunch. We've had heaps of problems getting our product out to market.
2. adverb, informal Used as an intensifier meaning "very much" or "a lot." A: "How are you feeling? I heard you were pretty run-down last week." B: "I'm heaps better, thanks for asking!" I've driven the car heaps and never once did I have a problem with it. You must just be unlucky. I should have installed more memory in my computer ages ago—it's heaps faster now!
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heaps ˈbetter, ˈmore, ˈolder, etc.

(British English, informal) a lot better, etc: Help yourself — there’s heaps more.He looks heaps better than when I last saw him.
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As of July 31, 130 former patients had reached out to UCLA with "concerns about their interactions" with Heaps, UCLA spokeswoman Rhonda Curry said.
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'At times, when the floods are heavy, the heaps of refuse are always seen floating on the dirty water.
The perturbed people said that mounting trash heaps were also causing serious health hazards for them and even for the school students as well.
He demanded Capital Development Authority to take steps for proper removal of the garbage heaps and cleanliness to avoid environmental and health problems.
Talking to APP, Dr Cap Qamar said that these garbage heaps causing people with respiratory health issues and also causing several other diseases.
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Amir Ali, a resident of the sector I/10 told this scribe the citizens were suffering from various respiratory diseases due to the garbage heaps .
Keeping only those observations at data heaps leads to unbiased estimates of the average treatment effect across the two types weighted by the share of non-heaped data that are observed at data heaps.
Mr Heaps (left) will succeed Ed Anderson as chairman at the conclusion of the Bradford-based society's annual meeting next April when Mr Anderson retires from the board.
Ideally, have two heaps on the go at one time, so you can move the upper layers of uncomposted material into a new heap when the lower levels are almost ready for use.
One Park Lane Limited has applied to demolish the derelict Heaps Mill, a former rice warehouse in the Baltic Triangle, and build five blocks made up of 515 apartments in its place.
I am old enough to remember the stinking smoldering slag heaps of West and South Yorkshire, they have all gone, and quite right too, flattened aftter the Aberfan disaster.