heap with

heap something with something

to pile something onto something. Karen heaped Jeff's plate with way too much food. We heaped the driveway with leaves and then put them into bags.
See also: heap
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HIGH JINKS Gymnast Craig Heap with female students during his visit to Astley High School
Composting whether in the open like this in a trench or in sealed bins can take considerably longer than a raised heap with free flowing air and moisture but the level of nutrients in the final compost is likely to be higher.
To begin the layers of compost, I prefer to start the heap with six inches of horse manure or straw on the ground to make sure there is a free flow of air at the bottom.
START a new compost heap with weeds, lawn mowings, spent crops, soft hedge trimmings and vegetable waste from the kitchen such as potato peelings and fruit skins.
This leaves the heap with some number of trees, say r.
Indeed, hanging on the wall of the main office at Benfield is a spectacular photograph of Heap with the message: "A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do.