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Heap leaching works by drip-feeding acid through a large stockpile (or heap) of ore to leach out metals.
Heaps ended up turning himself in to authorities on Monday.
It was heard how Heap had "benefited" to the tune of PS60,873.80, but his realisable assets totalled around half - PS29,741.77.
Ten players contested the 33rd running of this competition and, in the preliminary rounds, homester Heap was off minus three.
You can see the contractor has flattened the heap of gravel after the accident.
Kidnapped on January 4 and found from a garbage heap on January 9, Zainab's autopsy report suggested that the minor was sexually assaulted before being strangulated to death.
Kirkcaldy CID's Detective Inspector Graeme Dursley said: "Heap risked the contamination of sterile medicine.
Heap then targeted revellers in Middlesbrough town centre as they walked home, threatening them with a kitchen knife he had taken from his gran's, and he robbed two men of their mobile phones telling them: "If any of you run away you're getting stabbed."
The company said the approved Cell 10 addition will provide an estimated 2.9m tons of additional capacity, allow for phased construction at the preference, with an ultimate footprint of 12.27 acres, as well as allow both surface and underground mine processing at the heap leach facility.
The estimated discontinuity is greatest when the bandwidth is small as a small bandwidth gives greater proportional weight to the data heap that falls immediately to the right of the cutoff.
Heap successfully writes a history of urban American nightlife by structuring his book thematically.
After originally taking up coaching while studying criminology with law at Teesside University, Heap has established himself as a crucial figure at a variety of clubs in the north east.
He lives in the Heaps, a vast sea of lost and discarded items collected from all over London.
With all the recycling we already do now - plastics in one bin, glass in another, garden matter and food waste also being separated - there has been no better time to start your own compost heap.