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time heals all wounds

Emotional pain lessens over time. I know it's hard to consider now, as you're grieving, but time heals all wounds. I'm sure you will reconcile with Kathleen eventually. After all, time heals all wounds.
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physician, heal thyself

Do not rebuke or correct someone else for own faults or problems of which you are guilty yourself. A: "You coddle Tommy way too much—you need to be stricter with him!" B: "Me? You give in to every demand he makes. Sheesh, physician, heal thyself!"
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heal over

[for the surface of a wound] to heal. The wound healed over very quickly, and there was very little scarring. I hope it will heal over without having to be stitched.
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heal someone of something

to cure someone's ailments. Are you the doctor who healed me of my wounds? Can any doctor heal us of a common cold?
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heal up

[for an injury] to heal. The cut healed up in no time at all.
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Physician, heal thyself.

Prov. Do not rebuke someone for a fault or problem you have yourself. (Biblical.) Ellen: You're such a spendthrift. You should go on a strict budget. Fred: But you manage money even worse than I do! Physician, heal thyself. Jane: You look like you're gaining weight. You should probably get more exercise. Alan: Physician, heal thyself. You're getting a little pudgy, too.
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physician, heal thyself

before attempting to correct others, make sure that you aren't guilty of the same faults yourself. proverb
This expression alludes to Luke 4:23: ‘And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country’.
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and well-heeled
1. mod. rich. His father died and left him pretty well-fixed.
2. and well-healed mod. alcohol intoxicated. You might say he is well-heeled. You might say he’s dead drunk, too.


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It further says that they also had been mandated to bear witness to a potential that was, however, not at their disposal, something they painfully experienced when their well-intended attempts to heal failed (Matt 17:14-20; Mk 9:14-29; Lk 9:37-43).
If the patient is not ingesting sufficient protein to synthesize new tissue, or is not receiving sufficient calories to allow for the utilization of this protein, the wound will not heal.
Note that in Luke 5 Jesus healed one leper with a touch; here in Luke 17 he heals ten lepers, and from a distance.
In some materials, such as polymers and glasses, microcracks can heal spontaneously as bonds between molecules reestablish themselves.
Reverse staging is based on the misconception that a stage IV pressure ulcer, for example, becomes a stage III, then a stage II wound as it heals.
Because the dressing doesn't adhere to healthy tissue, it begins to slough off as the wound begins to heal.
Finally when I went to two doctors within a week and they both told me I had two entirely different conditions and prescribed expensive drugs for each problem, I realized that they didn't really know what was wrong with me, and that the prescriptions, like the many other ones I'd taken over that year and throughout my life, were not helping me to heal.
In the early 1960s, the misconception that wounds will heal if "nice and dry" was refuted with evidence of moisture's positive impact on wound healing.
Human skin wounds heal faster when treated with epidermal growth factor (EGF), according to a new study.
In addition to defining and explaining esoteric healing, Hopking writes with a practical emphasis enhanced with a profusion of illustrative diagrams, describes more than 40 circuit triangles, reveals a new understanding of disease (including how to approach cancer and other major planetary influences), shows how to heal from the soul level and work within the subtle bodies, covers the therapeutics and "pneumapharmacology" of esoteric healing, informatively discusses distant healing and self-healing, group meditation and healing mantrams.
Epoo-York said the Inuit in her community will continue to heal themselves.