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*(big) head

a hangover. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Oh, man, that booze gave me a big head! Tom has a head this morning and won't be coming into work.

(a) head

 and per head
[for] a person; [for] an individual. How much do you charge per head for dinner? It costs four dollars a head.


1. n. a headache. Music that loud gives me a head.
2. and a head n. a hangover. (Always with a in this sense.) How do you get rid of a head so you can go to work?
3. n. a toilet; a restroom. (Originally nautical. Usually with the.) Ralph is in the head. He’ll be back in a minute.
4. n. a member of the drug culture; a hippie or a person who drops out of mainstream society because of drug use. (From the 1960s and 1970s.) You still see a few heads around, even today.
5. n. a smart person; an intellectual person. I’m no head, but I am sure you made a mistake in your addition.
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Part of their racing history made them understand that horsepower was developed in the head," Schneck said.
They speculate as to whether the head is a tool of a foreign power.
The improvements were made to virtually every key area of the drives and media: new media and head designs to support higher bit densities and throughput, advanced servo designs to enable higher track densities and more efficient data encoding.
Pervious Experience: Before joining Rothschild, he was a managing director and the head of the Private Finance Group at Credit Suisse First Boston and was responsible for all phases of private finance equity and debt, including origination, structuring, pricing, and documentation.
Kundig says the signal is more accurate with the Twin because passing a signal through two layers of film in the layflat gives a more consistent thickness reading than bouncing a signal at an angle with a one-sided capacitance head.
That's about the same proportion that a pigeon walking on a treadmill immobilized its head in experiments by Nikolaus Troje, also of Queen's.
All hinge and bolt elements are situated on the head to give excellent front and side access.
With 1200 hourly and salaried workers, Nemak produces 13 cylinder heads (in a premium 319 alloy) for eight engine plants in Mexico, the U.
For more information about the head of household filing status, visit the FTB's Website at www.
Read-write heads aren't the only products for which the tea slurry may prove useful.
Showing new no-frills, low-cost EZ100 parison programmer (100 points) with touchscreen programming, zoom control, and ability to control two heads independently.
Former Talking Heads rhythm section Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz want to make one thing clear: Their latest project, the Heads, has nothing to do with their former incarnation.
NASDAQ: KMAG), a leading supplier of thin-film disks and heads for high- performance Winchester disk drives, today announced that Dastek Inc.
D3PA) will be turning heads at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as D3PA announced today that it will be showcasing Dead Head Fred at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 10-12, 2006.
In the other sports, however, players don't use their heads as they do in soccer.