head south

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head south

1. To escape; to vanish or disappear. (Not necessarily in a southerly direction.) Everyone in the gang headed south when they learned that the police had discovered their hideout.
2. To fall or drop; to depreciate; to lose quality or value. (Especially related to finances or stock exchanges.) The company's stock profile continued heading south for the third day in a row today. I used to be a big player in the stock market, but all my investments have headed south lately.
3. To cease working or functioning; to quit, fail, or fall apart. Talks between the labor union and the construction firm headed south yesterday, so it looks like workers will be on strike again soon. My computer is only a month old, and it's already heading south.
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head south


go south

If something heads south or goes south, it becomes less successful or falls to a lower level. At that point, the stock market headed south. Managers were selling shares in the certain knowledge that the company was going south.
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head south

2008 Newsweek Many months ago, McCain remarked, honestly, that he didn't know much about economics. As the economy heads south, he is routinely reminded of his candor.
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head ˈnorth/ˈsouth

(business) (about share prices, currencies, etc.) rise/fall in value: The country’s currency headed south for the second day, weakening 1.4%.
See also: head, north, south

head South

See also: head, south
References in classic literature ?
I'm not exactly sure," said the boy; "but I believe we are headed South, and that will bring us, sooner or later, to the Emerald City.
Other men, having made their strike, had headed south for the States, taking a furlough from the grim Arctic battle.
We at last managed to connect with the San Bruno Road, along which we headed south.
She headed south in a private jet, looking stunning in her sparkling dress.
The expedition headed south, unknowingly searching for the Fountain of Youth.
The donations were recently loaded onto a 53-foot tractor trailer and two large moving vans which are now headed south to the Hurricane victims.
The Northeast and Midwest regions of the country began losing manufacturing jobs to the Sunbelt, which led to black migrants preferring Southern destinations in the late "90s: 85% of blacks residing in the Northeast headed south.
Howard kept up a stream of conversation, "We're headed south, Ken.
Researchers typically theorize that after trekking through Alaska, the first Americans headed south through an inland ice corridor.
While supplies are increasing, demand has headed south.
One well-known organization, the Clio awards for advertising, recently headed south from Madison Avenue and 48th Street, to 276 Fifth Avenue at 30th Street.