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Four headed Biceps and Triceps brachi muscle, with neurovascular variation Anat.Sci.Lut:2008; 83:107.11
Presidential-parliamentary democracy: A government headed by an elected President as well as a Prime Minister who is usually appointed.
Jeff Astle, whose football career was marked by his powerful headed goals, died from a degenerative brain disease caused by the constant heading of a heavy and often wet leather ball in January 2002.
Previous Experience: Prior to taking on the task of opening JPMorgan's operations in South Africa; he headed one of the institution's public finance groups in New York where he senior-managed infrastructure financing deals In fact, he helped financially resuscitate Washington, D.C.
She is a thin red headed well-dressed southern woman in her late thirties.
Researchers have not yet determined exactly how much force a headed soccer ball puts on the brain.