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blinding headache

A very intense, painful headache, usually accompanied by visual symptoms, such as blind spots. We were up all night drinking cheap wine, and I woke up the next morning with a blinding headache. I used to get awful blinding headaches fairly often, but this new migraine medication has been helpful.
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Someone or something that is annoying or frustrating. This filing project is such a headache—I can't find a darn thing I'm looking for!

splitting headache

A very intense, painful headache, i.e., one that makes one's head feel as though it is splitting apart. We were up all night drinking cheap wine, and I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. I've had this splitting headache for nearly four hours, and nothing I do seems to help.
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splitting headache

Fig. a severe headache, as if one's head were splitting open. I'm sorry, I can't. I have a splitting headache. Maybe Fred will play bridge with you. This splitting headache has been going on for hours.
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1. n. an annoying person or thing. Cars can be such a headache.
2. n. liquor. Pour me some more of that headache, will you?

headache department

1. n. a central source of unnecessary problems; a person who habitually causes problems. Here’s another memo from the headache department.
2. and headache house n. a liquor store or department. I stopped in at the headache house for some supplies.
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headache house

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headache man

n. a male law enforcement agent. The headache man was here to see you, Ernie.
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If you're feeling tired or headachy all the time, you may have diabetes and not know it.
Such are the headachy ideas that wandering among lit/crit texts can give
She knew when she fell in love with him that she would be in love forever, just as she knew when she woke up in the back seat the next morning, cramped and headachy, and looked at Dion sleeping with his mouth open that she was no longer in love with him and never would be.
Matsumura indicated that lower-than-normal blood flow contributes to fainting and heart attacks, as well as making passengers feel headachy, cold or tired Reuters reported.
Even though he was feeling a bit headachy, as soon as he saw the gender-free, O'Wally burst out laughing.
Suddenly in your headachy fantasy you were willing to see a `true' self (perhaps even the peculiar fate of our civilization) brilliantly appear.
But they left Maria, grim faced and probably headachy, to her work.
In an instant, the market goes from heady surplus to headachy shortage.
After all, my now may be tuneful, but may also be, if less intensely, other things as well: headachy, warm, dark, anxious, and so on--and it will be all of these things without losing its unity and identity.
It also reduces the headachy, prematurely tired, stressful feeling that limits performance.
"Throughout my teens and twenties, the headaches persisted and I now have one or two headachy days per week - but I just push through the pain most of the time.
Without the right amount in your system, you'll feel sluggish and headachy. Sip smart by downing 80 to 100 ounces (about four tall glasses) of water per day, says Valerie.