head toward

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head toward someone or something

1. Lit. to point at and move toward someone, something, or some place. Head toward Mary and don't stop to talk to anyone else. Sharon headed toward the parking lot, hoping to get home soon.
2. Fig. to be developing into something; to be moving toward a specific result. The problem will head toward a solution when you stop making the situation worse than it is. I believe that you are heading toward severe health problems if you don't stop smoking.
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References in classic literature ?
At daybreak D'Artagnan, who had wandered about the lower hall, biting his fingers to stifle his sighs - D'Artagnan went up once more; and watching the moments when Grimaud turned his head towards him, he made him a sign to come to him, which the faithful servant obeyed without making more noise than a shadow.
Casaubon, smiling and bending his head towards Celia, who immediately dropped backward a little, because she could not bear Mr.
Casaubon, who bowed his head towards her, while Mr.
Summary: While being at her busiest time working on launching her first musical project with the music production company called "Arabica Music", the Lebanese artist Huda Haddad had left Lebanon and head toward Kuwait
In an interview with Discover magazine in September 2005, Gray, who heads the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University, said that that year's active season was due to changes in wind patterns that caused more storms to head toward the U.
About 10 percent of these ejections head toward Earth.
Overall, the momentum established in the New Jersey retail market during the past three years continues to propel demand for Class A-quality retail space in the state's primary markets as we head toward the end of 2001.
Dennie Parker, 41, of Los Angeles was visiting a relative's home and saw a man with a gun in his hand jump over an adjacent wall and head toward a Mustang.
A common tendency is to turn the head toward the downstage corner without slanting it, which is not nearly as warm or aesthetically pleasing.
As the New Year gets underway and we head toward the new millennium, give your-self a standing ovation for developing a healthy lifestyle and commitment to fitness.
The process of moving the female body and head toward abstraction demythologizes it, if remythologizing it as pure spirit.
Born at night, newly hatched turtles instinctively head toward the place with the most light, which historically had been the sea because its reflective surface bounced back more moonlight than the sandy beach.
Valdes and Vanney lunged, but the ball appeared to sail off Vanney's head toward Paule.
5 million kilometers of Earth on March 25, then head toward a close encounter with the sun on May 1.
As the labor market tightens and baby boomers head toward retirement, competition for highly qualified employees is expected to increase.