head to head

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head to head

Describing a one-on-one matchup or comparison. When looked at head to head, these two players really bring similar defensive abilities to our team. I'm going head to head against last year's spelling bee champion, of course I'm nervous! I'm looking at the two job offers head to head, and I still can't make a decision!
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If people or groups have head-to-head talks or meetings, they meet to discuss the subjects they disagree about. They have just begun a third session of head to head talks which are expected to last until late afternoon. Note: If you talk head-to-head with someone, you talk to them directly. The photo showed the two leaders talking head-to-head. Note: A head-to-head is a discussion or argument. Next time you have a head-to-head with someone in authority, watch your language. Compare with go head to head.

(go) head-to-ˈhead (with somebody)

(deal with somebody) in a very direct and determined way, especially in a competition between two people, organizations, etc: They are set to meet head-to-head in next week’s final.
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By playing with FBC in these highly competitive tournaments Marisa will be able to showcase her natural ball handling and floor general skills by going head to head with the best high school age girl basketball players around.
It also proves that a small, private company can compete head to head with the best-established sports car manufacturers in the world.
The new game will transport users to the Crash Bandicoot(R) world where multiple players can go head to head with the freedom of Bluetooth wireless technology on the N-Gage platform.
By going up against 6,000 real players from more than 300 official teams and the multiplayer experience of head to head play, FIFA Soccer 2004 on N-Gage offers players the chance to skillfully challenge each other in real time.
UFC: Tapout captures the leading fighters in the world of mixed martial arts, putting them head to head in a simulation of the real-life Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event.
Elanex noted that it is also reviewing the serum half life and circulating data presented by Amgen and trying to reach a comparison to the now established significant higher circulating concentration of the Elanex Epoetin Omega in clinical trials going head to head with the Amgen Epoetin Alfa.
Elanex is willing to compare its Epoetin Omega at any moment to the NESP product as soon as NESP is available to Elanex, and intends to do so to achieve a head to head comparison.
Three different network games - Capture the Flag (winning score of seven), Capture the Flag (winning score of 21) and Head to Head - are available on six different maps.