head to head

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head to head

Describing a one-on-one matchup or comparison. When looked at head to head, these two players really bring similar defensive abilities to our team. I'm going head to head against last year's spelling bee champion, of course I'm nervous! I'm looking at the two job offers head to head, and I still can't make a decision!
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If people or groups have head-to-head talks or meetings, they meet to discuss the subjects they disagree about. They have just begun a third session of head to head talks which are expected to last until late afternoon. Note: If you talk head-to-head with someone, you talk to them directly. The photo showed the two leaders talking head-to-head. Note: A head-to-head is a discussion or argument. Next time you have a head-to-head with someone in authority, watch your language. Compare with go head to head.
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(go) head-to-ˈhead (with somebody)

(deal with somebody) in a very direct and determined way, especially in a competition between two people, organizations, etc: They are set to meet head-to-head in next week’s final.
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In the Southern Governorate, Ahmed Al Mulla is contesting the run off head to head with his opponent Sharekh Al Dosary.
Each district will be represented by one household, with all eight going head to head over a series of three fortnightly challenges.
The final best choirs will then go head to head for the title of Choir of the Year, Grand Final to be held at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on December 10.
Jesus and Pilate are staring each other down as the kingdom of God goes head to head with the kingdoms of the world.
A low-frequency noise component, indicative of non-ideal magnetization structure and domain wall motion, varied considerably from head to head. The strength of the peaks, and to a lesser extent, the frequency positions of the peaks, also varied from head to head.
TV'S POPSTARS bands finally go head to head tomorrow as they launch bids for their ultimate goal - a Christmas number one with their debut singles.
It will offer cross-vendor compatibility, as well as unified service and management capabilities, and will go head to head with market leader RedHat.
NEW YORK Nickelodeon's first original Saturday morning show, "SpongeBob SquarePants," featuring the escapades of an animated sea sponge, will compete head to head with the hottest kids series on TV, the WB's "Pokemon," beginning July 17 at 10 a.m.
THE PRIME MINISTERIAL DEBATE (Thursday, Sky News, 8pm; BBC2, 11.30pm) is the second head to head to head.
TWO heavyweight music festivals are going head to head this summer.
Porto, Liverpool and Marseille would all have eight points, Marseille's head to head is better than Liverpool's, but Porto's head to head is better than Marseille's - so goal difference would come into the equation and Liverpool have the best goal difference in Group A.
Teenagers from across Wales will go head to head in an unusual sporting event later this month when they take up a rowing challenge.
The venue will play host to some of Newcastle's finest bartenders who will be showcasing their mixing skills and going head to head for the Newcastle Bartender of the Year award.
Facing Woods head to head for the first time in 18 months, Mickelson never looked back after birdies at four of the first seven holes.
Sebastien loeb and Petter Solberg will go head to head at the Cardiff SuperSpecial on September 16 - the spectacular start of Wales Rally GB.