head south

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head south

1. To escape; to vanish or disappear. (Not necessarily in a southerly direction.) Everyone in the gang headed south when they learned that the police had discovered their hideout.
2. To fall or drop; to depreciate; to lose quality or value. (Especially related to finances or stock exchanges.) The company's stock profile continued heading south for the third day in a row today. I used to be a big player in the stock market, but all my investments have headed south lately.
3. To cease working or functioning; to quit, fail, or fall apart. Talks between the labor union and the construction firm headed south yesterday, so it looks like workers will be on strike again soon. My computer is only a month old, and it's already heading south.
See also: head, south

head south


go south

If something heads south or goes south, it becomes less successful or falls to a lower level. At that point, the stock market headed south. Managers were selling shares in the certain knowledge that the company was going south.
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head south

2008 Newsweek Many months ago, McCain remarked, honestly, that he didn't know much about economics. As the economy heads south, he is routinely reminded of his candor.
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head ˈnorth/ˈsouth

(business) (about share prices, currencies, etc.) rise/fall in value: The country’s currency headed south for the second day, weakening 1.4%.
See also: head, north, south

head South

See also: head, south
References in classic literature ?
The thing for you to do is head south for warmer weather--say along the coast.
However, I was able to employ a very trustworthy man to take charge of the caravan--the same guide, in fact, who had accompanied me on the previous trip into the Sahara--and after writing a long letter to Innes in which I gave him my American address, I saw the expedition head south.
So soundly did the kanakas sleep through that long hot day that they did not see the cutter run out through the passage and head south, close-hauled on the southeast trade.
Once the days grow shorter and chillier, thousands of American Jews like my aunts and uncles temporarily pull up stakes and head south for a couple of months.
Elsdon Arrival time 11:02 Once in the village, the race will turn right and right again onto the C186 and head south to the C186/C187 junction where it will turn left and head southeast towards Harwood and the B6342.
All traffic travelling from Glen Murray wanting to head south on SH1 will use the new Rangiriri south-bound on -ramp and travel through Rangiriri township to head south on the Expressway.
Vehicles travelling on Ffordd Bleddyn to head south on the A470 should proceed via Ffordd Bleddyn northbound, the A4054 northbound, the Nantgarw Interchange and A470 southbound.
Travel Business Review-March 29, 2011--Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH Moves to Tanger Outlets Hilton Head South Carolina(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
A coupla guys from Missouri head south to Arkansas to skate and see what's there, and the best part is that the whole thing was a photo project at school.
S Residential Wireline Voice Access Lines Head South, Revenue Heads North.
Don't head south for a day trip - the worst traffic jams are expected on the day of the eclipse and the four days leading up to it
there's a good bit of evidence that, at least on their first migration, birds just head south and fly a certain distance," says John Phillips, who reports his work in the Aug.