head honcho

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the head honcho

slang The person in charge. That decision is above my pay grade. You'll have to ask the head honcho.
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(the) head ˈhoncho

(informal, especially American English) the person who is in charge; the boss: Claude is the studio’s head honcho, so talk to him if you have a problem.This phrase comes from the Japanese word hancho, meaning ‘group leader’.
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"Hathaway is struggling as head honcho and feels under attack" und attack
5 Barefoot Bullet bk d March 08 Head Honcho Classic Sure Lass Toms The Best Walkabout Sid Fitzroy Lass Malawi's Prince Fancy Lass Frightful Flash Ladys Guest He Knows Manch Pride Ard Flash Ard Lightning Bred by Patrick Desmond, Co.
The hunt for a new director could soon be coming to a close, as 'The Shallows' head honcho Jaume Collet-Serra has come out as the possible choice to direct 'Suicide Squad 2'.
Bleksley is the hunters' head honcho, masterminding the hi-tech searches - and he makes me laugh, because he comes up with rough and ready one-liners like the above...and because he sounds just like Cockney comedian Arthur Smith.
Scottish Soul Weekender head honcho Yogi Haughton is also on hand, as is resident DJ Raymond.
The head honcho of one of my favourite bands wants to write a song for my band.
Support tomorrow night comes from SYNC resident and Beatport chart-topper Tim Weeks, Ruckus head honcho Tom Worton and Kranhouse's first lady Erin Campbell.
At this time, the Stratford Jazz organisation is starting to look for new blood, as its long-serving head honcho is planning on easing back on his leadership.
As revealed here a fortnight ago Woodward is keen to return to the RFU as a head honcho - not a team manager like Johnson - after the Olympics.
Indeed, she notes in her docs that the head honcho wrote her an email after a shoot, saying, "Hey Paris.
Nick Griffin, the BNP head honcho, is a plausible orator.
Sandy Chisholm, head honcho at North American Arms is an old friend and an affable fellow.
A source told the Irish Mirror: "The main head honcho has turned against another leading member after he took this criminal's side.
Shortly after the blockbuster trade went down, the Clippers' head honcho spoke about the deal.
Also playing are Letitia Plaides from Ghana Sounds and GK Machine, the head honcho of the Invisible Inc record label.