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head for (someone or something)

To proceed or move toward someone or something. Claire immediately headed for her parents when they arrived at day care. Head for the center of town, and I'll meet you there. I headed for the dugout after being tagged out.
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head for someone or something

to aim for or move toward someone or something. She waved good-bye as she headed for the door. Ann came in and headed for her mother.
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head for

Proceed or go in a certain direction, as in I'm heading for town, or I believe Karen and Jane are heading for a big quarrel. This expression, which uses head in the sense of "advance toward," is occasionally amplified with a figurative destination, especially in the American West. For example, head for the hills means "to run away to high and safer ground" or "to flee from danger." It is often used facetiously, as in Here comes that old bore-head for the hills!Head for the setting sun alludes to where a wanted man or outlaw went when a law-enforcement agent was close behind him, that is, farther west, and head for the last roundup means "to die." [Early 1800s]
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head for

1. To travel toward some destination: We headed for Houston.
2. To set something or someone on a course toward some destination, situation or condition. Used passively: This bus is headed for New York. You're headed for trouble if you keep telling such lies.
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Displaying a new three-layer head for blow molding equipment.
The recording head for perpendicular recording consists of a single pole inductive write head with a suitable flux return path designed for high efficiency, low stray field sensitivity and sharp field gradient capable of writing on perpendicular media with coercivities in excess of 5000 Oe.
Clugston also made four hobbyhorses, three sheep, and the Nutcracker's head for the same production.
After some bewildered standing around, most of the kids head for waterplay," a large sink filled with green water and different sized household containers which, as the children pour water back and forth, help them grasp the notion of quantity.
Two machines previously shown at K'92 are the single-station PB 250 for small bottles and PB 5000 coextrusion machine with two extruders and three-layer head for containers up to 5 liters.
First it uses a tool combining three spray heads (for release, paint and elastomer), then lays it down and picks up a pouring head for the foam.
NRM-Steelastic, Columbiana, Ohio, will display the head for its new compact 25-lb machine (see PT, Jan.