head first

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1. Literally, with one's head at the forefront; leading with one's head. He tripped on a crack in the pavement and fell headfirst down a manhole.
2. By extension, recklessly, brashly, or thoughtlessly. Before you go rushing headfirst into some half-baked business venture with these guys, take a minute and think about whether something like this could actually work. My brother was forever going headfirst into really serious relationships that would suddenly fizzle out a few months later.

ˌhead ˈfirst

1 moving forwards or downwards with your head in front of the rest of your body: He fell head first down the stairs.
2 without thinking carefully about something before acting: She got divorced and rushed head first into another marriage.
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References in classic literature ?
He must be able to spring from the floor to about twice his own height, gradually turning over as he rises, so as to come down again head first.
The shaggy man flew after them, head first, and lighted in a heap beside Toto, who, being much excited at the time, seized one of the donkey ears between his teeth and shook and worried it as hard as he could, growling angrily.
Then he pushed him in head first, tied up the sack, and soon swung up the searcher after wisdom dangling in the air.
As he was thus bending down into it the woman suddenly rose up and pushed him in head first, saying that now he could take up his quarters there.
As soon as she came to the river she lay down to take a drink of the water, but meanwhile the two of them had got down off the roof and thrust her, head first, into the river.
They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings: into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it.
Now, fifty dollars gold 'd buy beer to beat the band--enough to drown me if I fell in head first.
I made a little spring and the straw slipped from under my feet and there I was going head first down from the loft.
He was helping organise events for the final day of summer term and arranged the large paddling pool, used in previous years when students also jumped in head first.
As with other works in the Head First series, this volume is designed for readers that benefit from more visual approaches to learning, and the guide is filled with illustrations, cartoons, hand drawn charts, and photographs.
Head First C is a 'must' for any collection strong in programming languages in general and 'C' in particular.
He landed head first on the fence of a second-floor balcony.
GOLDFRAPP - HEAD FIRST STARTING with a rip-off of Van Halen's Jump, this album, though it's well executed, feels slightly forced and never quite finds its own voice.
It's a hectic time for the duo, who released new single Rocket last week and will follow up with their fifth album, Head First, on Monday - showcasing the new material with a slot on The Jonathan Ross Show next Friday.
BOYZONE'S Mikey Graham fell head first over the barrier of the ice rink as he rehearsed for Dancing On Ice.