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*(big) head

a hangover. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Oh, man, that booze gave me a big head! Tom has a head this morning and won't be coming into work.

(a) head

 and per head
[for] a person; [for] an individual. How much do you charge per head for dinner? It costs four dollars a head.


1. n. a headache. Music that loud gives me a head.
2. and a head n. a hangover. (Always with a in this sense.) How do you get rid of a head so you can go to work?
3. n. a toilet; a restroom. (Originally nautical. Usually with the.) Ralph is in the head. He’ll be back in a minute.
4. n. a member of the drug culture; a hippie or a person who drops out of mainstream society because of drug use. (From the 1960s and 1970s.) You still see a few heads around, even today.
5. n. a smart person; an intellectual person. I’m no head, but I am sure you made a mistake in your addition.
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Both SDLT and LTO incorporate servo positioning systems to ensure accurate head position when using very high track densities.
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CSVA Galatii Bistrita: 549 head cattle, 157 head of equine, ovine head 3683; 308cap goats, pigs 413 head, 876 head dogs, cats 342 head; bird head 7888, fam.
Potential problems arise when a player in this position collides with another player (termed spearing): The head stops, the trunk continues to move, and the cervical spine is crushed between the two.
Does this replicate, to some degree, the model of one head of household with dependents of early America or does it mean we have swung to the opposite end of the continuum of household organization?
Part of their racing history made them understand that horsepower was developed in the head," Schneck said.
But babies born with a head circumference of 39 centimeters or more were four times as likely to develop brain cancer as were babies born with average-size, 35-cm heads, the researchers report in the January Lancet Ontology.
Bring: Resume, head shot, dance photo, pointe shoes, character shoes, dance shoes.
Over the years, head sizes continued to get larger and larger due to intensified focus on very large parts.
There are deficiencies that affect the health and safety of children and also call into question the security of federal funding,'' said Frank Fuentes, who oversees day-to-day operations for Head Start programs nationally.
He currently heads NBD Mortgage Company and the Residential Real Estate Division of NBD Bank.
I am pleased to appear today to testify in connection with the committee's heating into recent requests that Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan and two of his adult sons be granted head of state immunity in connection with pending civil litigation.
Market-Leading Radial Head Implant Expands Patient Indications and Improves Anatomic Fit