he, she, etc. doesn't miss a trick

(one) doesn't miss a trick

One never misses an opportunity to benefit or gain an advantage from a particular situation, especially in an underhanded or ethically dubious manner. There's always someone out trying to make a quick buck during the aftermath of a disaster. People don't miss a trick. When you're hiring a PR consultant, you want someone who doesn't miss a trick. A: "Don't worry about the burnt roast, Grandma. If you let us have ice cream for dinner, we won't tell Mommy—it'll be our little secret." B: "Boy, you don't miss a trick!"
See also: miss, trick
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he, she, etc. doesn’t miss a ˈtrick

(also he, she, etc. doesn’t ˈmiss much) (spoken) used to say that somebody notices every opportunity to gain an advantage: I’m sure Julie knows your secret — she never misses a trick!How did he know it was the right time to sell all his shares in the company? He doesn’t miss much, does he?
See also: miss, trick
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