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haze over

1. Literally, to become filled or covered with haze. The sky has been hazed over all afternoon, but at least it hasn't rained.
2. Of eyes, to become filled with tears. Tom's eyes hazed over and his cheeks flushed with anger as he stormed away in a sulk.
3. Of eyes, to become unfocused, as due to boredom or distraction. When her eyes hazed over, I could tell she wasn't paying attention to what I was saying anymore.
4. To become vague, unclear, or confused. My thoughts hazed over, my mind only able to focus on the searing pain in my leg. I have so much stress in my life during the day that I just want my mind to haze over in the evening with some trashy TV and a few beers.
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in a fog

Not fully aware or alert; having one's attention clouded with something. I always feel like I'm in a fog when I take that medication. It's like it's hard for me to think.
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in a haze

Not fully aware or alert; having one's attention clouded with something. I always feel like I'm in a haze when I take that medication. It's like it's hard for me to think.
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in a fog

 and in a haze
Fig. dazed; not paying attention to what is going on around one; not alert. Jane always seems to be in a fog. When I get up, I'm in a fog for an hour. After surgery, I was in a haze until the anesthetic wore off.
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in a fog

Also, in a haze. Preoccupied, not paying attention; also, at a loss, confused. For example, After the accident he went about in a fog, even though he had not been injured, or Millie always seems to be in a haze; she never knows what's going on. These expressions allude to fog or haze obscuring one's view; the fog usage dates from about 1600, haze from about 1800.
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in a fog

in a state of perplexity; unable to think clearly or understand something.
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in a ˈfog

(informal) uncertain and confused: Thank you for your explanation, but I’m afraid I’m still in a fog over what happened.
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