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at hazard

At risk. Once one student got the flu, I knew that everyone in his class was at hazard for illness.
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at hazard

in danger; at risk. He is not willing to have much of his money at hazard in the stock market. Your life is at hazard unless you wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle.
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hazard an opinion

Fig. to give an opinion. Anne asked the attorney to hazard an opinion about the strength of her lawsuit. Don't feel like you have to hazard an opinion on something you know nothing about.
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take a guess

 and hazard a guess; make a guess
to guess. Even if you don't know, please take a guess. If you don't know the answer, hazard a guess.
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The contemporary definition of hazard is "risk of loss or harm, peril, jeopardy" OED (2008).
Identification of hazards in machinery stems from the previous two steps and is performed in accordance with the relevant EN standards for the whole life cycle of the machine.
All safety officers should review hazard and near mishap reporting requirements listed in Chapter 4 of OPNAVINST 5102.
I recently installed a safety concerns log at our facility for employees to voice their concerns about safety problems or potential hazards.
Management has the greatest control of a hazard when it uses the measures listed at the top of the hierarchy, such as elimination or substitution.
To report a hazard so other organizations may determine how to fix the problem or control the risk
Hazard was probably already formulating his velvety hatchet job on Conte.
3 million available in cooperative agreements to support research to develop and improve methods for the identification and control of key residential health hazards and to improve the implementation of policies that address these hazards.
Matagal na po nating ipinapanawagan na taasan na sana ang hazard pay ng ating mga sundalo dahil talagang napakaliit ng halagang P390 kada buwan kung araw-araw ay nahaharap ang ating libu-libong militar sa matinding panganib,' he said in a statement.
They demonstrate how to use hazard analysis to identify and prioritize risks and to develop approaches to community hazard mitigation.
CHELSEA manager Jose Mourinho reckons Eden Hazard showed off both his flair and resilience in the 2-0 win at Stoke.
paragraph] Because quantification of property-specific natural hazard risk has not been available until recently, the industry has relied upon required insurance--homeowners' insurance policies and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), in particular--to transfer hazard risk to the consumer and insurance provider.