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Phileas Fogg, thus kidnapped, without having time to think, left his house, jumped into a cab, promised a hundred pounds to the cabman, and, having run over two dogs and overturned five carriages, reached the Reform Club.
I shall come to a place and pray there, and before having time to get used to it or getting to love it, I shall go farther.
It ignites at 170 degrees in place of 240, and its combustion is so rapid that one may set light to it on the top of the ordinary powder, without the latter having time to ignite.
A fearful shock followed, and, thrown over the rail without having time to stop myself, I fell into the sea.
The same lady pays for the education and clothing of an orphan from the workhouse, on condition that she shall aid the mistress in such menial offices connected with her own house and the school as her occupation of teaching will prevent her having time to discharge in person.
He asks a large sum; more than I can get together to pay him without having time.
Impatient with the pace, mademoiselle ordered Jacquelin in a sharp voice to drive at a gallop, with the whip, if necessary, to the great astonishment of the poor beast, so afraid was she of not having time to arrange the house suitably to receive Monsieur de Troisville.
Owing to the very judicious plan of dividing the two acts of the opera with a ballet, the pauses between the performances are very short, the singers in the opera having time to repose themselves and change their costume, when necessary, while the dancers are executing their pirouettes and exhibiting their graceful steps.
I used to be a good sportsman until my hectic job schedule stopped me from having time for leisure.
When one is on their death bed, having time to heal emotional wounds is more important than passing on one's property," Heo said during a recent interview with a local daily.
The increased pay gap for older women could be explained by them having time off work, possibly to have children, it was suggested.
It's having time to sort your schedule and go down to the gym, recovery, do whatever you want compared to a guy working.
The 'Logan' star, who insisted he is a "quieter person" than people think, will enjoy having time to relax and indulge in his hobbies.
Delegates at the Denbigh branch AGM, at Coleg Cambria Llysfasi, voiced concern that not enough was being done to stem a domestic decline in lamb consumption FUW Denbigh & Flint CEO Mari Dafydd Jones said: "If children are growing up not eating lamb - due to parents not being able to afford it or not having time to cook it - then we need to focus on that market.
Maintaining sufficient work/life balance can be challenging for a busy property manager, especially if having time to enjoy home cooked, "from scratch" meals contributes to your state of well-being.