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Those whom he had injured, amongst others, were San Pietro ad Vincula, Colonna, San Giorgio, and Ascanio.[*] The rest, in becoming Pope, had to fear him, Rouen and the Spaniards excepted; the latter from their relationship and obligations, the former from his influence, the kingdom of France having relations with him.
Khalid Ahmed was found guilty of killing his 16-year-old daughter over suspicions of having relations with a man within the remit of the Zaman Town police station.
However, luckily before his sentence was promulgated, I was able to interview him and I learned that he was actually defending himself when he stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife (He was preparing 'kinilaw' at the time) because the victim was about to hack him with a bolo for supposedly having relations with the victim's wife.
The First Information Report (FIR) registered by the police states that Gul Nazar and Gul Shahzada had killed Mohammad Waqar on Saturday over suspicions of him having relations with Kohistani's second wife.
She was having relations with someone else prior to her marriage," Ujjawala alleged.
The source went on to affirm that Syria is not the least bit interested in having relations with a state that contributed to the terrorist aggression that targeted it, and whose hands are red with the blood of Syrians.
"Kuwait's position is clear and well-known reading its rejection of having relations with Israel and there are no Kuwaiti measures towards starting ties," Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al Jarallah said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas on Sunday.
While Oman can source these technologies from other countries, it also recognizes that Israeli leadership increasingly values having relations with Arab states as part of its wider strategy of countering Iran.
Beside Omar and Tlaib, Linda Sarsour was also criticized and accused of having Brotherhood roots and having relations with Turkey, in addition to her work as a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).
According to his statement, Tahir Siddiq was front man of a special business group, and Tahir Mehmood was having relations with him.
having relations with the Taliban, perhaps, puts you in a position to have influence in Afghanistan.
'They should not prevent Cambodia from having relations with countries other than their own in order to take the Kingdom hostage,' he said.
One 24-year-old from London posted on the Natural Cycles Instagram page: "I'm sad to say that after having relations with my partner on a green day after my periods, I became pregnant.
Bugar also pointed out that it was his party who wanted the resignation of Viliam Jasa and Maria Troskova due to the suspicion of their having relations with people with potential ties to the Italian mafia, and it was his party who wanted the resignation of the interior minister."If talks about early elections fail, Most-Hid will exit the ruling coalition," Bugar said.
SSP Rao Anwar clarified his position by declaring him a terrorist having relations with the terrorist outfits TTP and BLA.