have (got) (one's) nose out of joint

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have (got) (one's) nose out of joint

To be upset, irritated, or dejected, usually by something someone else did or said. Yeah, she's got her nose out of joint, but I don't think I said anything that offensive. The boss has his nose out of joint about something today, so I wouldn't bother him about anything unless it's absolutely necessary.
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nose out of joint, have one's

Be upset or irritated, especially when displaced by someone. For example, Ever since Sheila got promoted he's had his nose out of joint. Similarly, put one's nose out of joint indicates the cause of the upset, as in The boss's praise of her assistant put Jean's nose out of joint. The earliest form of this idiom, first recorded in 1581, was thrust one's nose out of joint, with put appearing shortly thereafter. Presumably all these expressions allude to the face-distorting grimace made by one who is displeased.
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nose out of joint, to have one's/put someone's

To be irritated or jealous, particularly when one is displaced or supplanted by someone else. This term appeared in print as long ago as 1581 and has continued to be used in the same sense ever since. The image is a bit puzzling, since it implies that the nose can be dislocated (it can’t—it has no joint), but that has not deterred its continued use. Shaw used it in at least two plays, Major Barbara and Heartbreak House: “The new bloke has put your nose out of joint.”
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