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It does bear a resemblance to two words: haven't and having.
Tax havens are defined as places where the tax burden is minimal or nonexistent.
As Oxfam, an international nongovernmental organization (NGO), pointed out, the EU did not include some notorious tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Jersey.
There is substantial variation across nations in the share of their citizens' wealth that is held in tax havens. Scandinavians hold only a few percent of GDP offshore wealth, but that number rises to about 15 percent for continental Europe as a whole, and to almost 60 percent in some Persian Gulf countries and some Latin American nations.
They do not name havens but consider several criteria when determining a corporation's tax liability.
Havens uses this concept as a frame for the book because industry lore's "main function is to carry the discourses encoded into television programming ...
Havens was unable to reach EKCC by vehicle because of the massive amounts of debris on the roadway and the overall path of destruction left by the tornado.
Research by child sponsorship charity ActionAid found that only two FTSE 100 companies do not have offshore subsidiaries based in tax havens. Despite many businesses claiming that they contributed to local economies through jobs and investment, Ward added that that should not come at the expense of paying their fair share of taxes.
ActionAid issued a report, How Tax Havens Plunder the Poor, on how corporations are channeling investments through tax shelters.
It is believed that representatives from tax havens in Europe are in constant touch with lawyers and consultants of wealthy depositors in Cyprus.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As the revolt in Syria against the embattled Bashar al-Assad regime has dragged on for far longer than any other Arab Spring uprising, Turkey has drawn up plans for establishing a "safe haven" inside Syria to protect refugees fleeing to Turkey, whose numbers have reached 55,000 during the 17-month-long crisis.
CitySafe Havens involves shopkeepers, community centres and business owners offering their premises as safe houses for people who are in immediate danger to go and seek refuge.
WASHINGTON (PAN): The Pentagon said Wednesday that one of the United States' goals in Afghanistan was to prevent the country from becoming an Al Qaeda safe haven again.
MOST of the UK's top companies listed on the Stock Exchange use tax havens, according to new research.