not have the foggiest (notion)

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not have the foggiest (notion)

To have no knowledge or understanding about something. He doesn't have the foggiest notion how hard it is to run a business. A: "Do you know where the car keys are?" B: "I haven't the foggiest. Sorry."
See also: foggy, have, not

not have the foggiest (idea or notion)

have no idea at all. informal, chiefly British
See also: foggy, have, not

not have the ˈfaintest/ˈfoggiest (idea)

(British English, informal) have no idea at all about something; not know anything at all: I haven’t got the faintest idea what to buy Roger for his birthday.‘Where are we?’ ‘I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest.’
See also: faint, foggy, have, not
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This was an early lesson in self-soothing but the majority of adults haven't the foggiest notion how to constructively soothe or nurture themselves.
The vast majority of people you deal with haven't the foggiest notion about the game.
On the flip side, many artists haven't the foggiest notion on how to run a business or promote themselves.
It should be noted, however, that many practitioners of the world's religions are deeply spiritual people, but it is also true that many practitioners haven't the foggiest notion of what true spirituality is all about and are just following the rules.
The vast majority of those making marketing decisions are fast-track MBAs who haven't the foggiest notion of what an older person is all about," he says.
Hill Agency Challenges Reagan Vision" was the Post headline--most Washingtonians likewise haven't the foggiest notion.
What we have," says Miller, "is a large number of people who believe in science, who have unrestrained faith in it, but who haven't the foggiest notion why it happens.