have your eye on somebody/something

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have (got) an/(one's) eye on (something)

1. To watch or look at something closely; to monitor something continuously. I always have my eye on the clock at the end of the day, counting down the minutes until I can go home. Make sure you've got an eye on that pot or it might boil over on you! Don't worry, I've got my eye on the kids.
2. To be keenly interested in something, especially as an objective or as something to be bought or acquired. After a successful career as a state governor, Ms. Jones now has an eye on the presidency. Now that my bonus came in, I've got my eye on the newest model of Corvette.
See also: eye, have, on

have your ˈeye on somebody/something

watch somebody/something closely; want to have something: A house that I’d had my eye on for some time suddenly came up for sale.
See also: eye, have, on, somebody, something
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