keep your ear to the ground

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keep an/(one's) ear to the ground

To listen for any indication of what is happening or will happen. A: "I'm not sure what's going to happen with this merger, so I'm keeping an ear to the ground." B: "Please let me know if you hear anything." I know Kim is keeping her ear to the ground in case word gets out about the promotion.
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keep your ear to the ground


have your ear to the ground

mainly BRITISH
If you keep your ear to the ground or have your ear to the ground, you make an effort to be aware of what is happening around you. Keep your ear to the ground. Know who is coming and who is going: a new vacancy could be an opportunity for you. Paul had his ear to the ground and always knew about future concerts before anyone else Note: In films, Native Americans used to be shown tracking people or animals by listening carefully to the ground for the sound of their footsteps.
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keep/have an/your ear (close) to the ˈground

(try to) be well-informed about what is or will be happening: Jane keeps her ear pretty close to the ground and can usually tell you what the mood of the staff is.
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