have wires crossed

have (one's) wires crossed

1. Of oneself, to be or become confused, mistaken, or mentally disordered (about something). An allusion to telephone lines being wrongly connected and thus disrupting calls. I'm sorry for bringing you the wrong order, sir, I've had my wires crossed all day! Wow, it sounds like you really have your wires crossed about how to process that shipment!
2. Of two or more people, to have a miscommunication between one another, resulting in a mistake or misunderstanding. I'm sorry about all the confusion regarding the contract, Bob; it looks like we had our wires crossed somehow. I think Mary and Robert's fight is really just the because they have their wires crossed.
See also: crosse, have, wire

have one's wires crossed

Fig. to have one's mental processes in disarray; to be confused. You don't know what you are talking about. You've really got your wires crossed! Joan got her wires crossed about who arrived first. It was Bob, not Gary.
See also: crosse, have, wire