have (one's) way with (someone)

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have (one's) way with (someone)

slang To have sex with someone. Did you really have your way with that hot chick from the bar? Is that why you never came home last night?
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have one's way with someone

Euph. to have sexual relations with someone, possibly with that person being reluctant. He invited her up to his apartment, hoping to have his way with her. Now that you have had your way with me, do I mean nothing to you?
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have one's way with

Have sex with someone, as in He wanted to have his way with her. This usage is nearly always used of a man trying to get a woman to have sex. It may be dying out. [Early 1900s]
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have your (wicked) ˈway with somebody

(old-fashioned, humorous) persuade somebody to have sex with you
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