have time on (one's) hands

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have time on (one's) hands

To have extra or spare time in which one has nothing specific to do or accomplish. I'll have a bit more time on my hands now that we've finished the year-end audit. Our kids had too much time on their hands last summer break, so we decided to enroll them in a few different summer camps to keep them occupied.
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have (too much) time on one's hands

Fig. to have extra time; to have time to spare. Your problem is that you have too much time on your hands. I don't have time on my hands. I am busy all the time.
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have ˈtime on your hands

(informal) have more free time than you want or need: Now the children have left home, she’s got a lot more time on her hands. OPPOSITE: have your hands full
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time on one's hands, (to have)

To be idle or bored; not have enough to do. This expression dates from the late seventeenth century and was in print by 1700. “My time lies heavy on my hands” appears in George Farquar’s 1703 play The Inconstant (5.3). See also time to kill.
See also: on, time
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