have somebody/something in mind

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have in mind

1. To be considering someone or something as a candidate or possibility for something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "have" and "in." I have Jane in mind for this job because she is clearly the most qualified candidate. What did you have in mind for dinner tonight?
2. To plan or intend to do something. I have in mind to ground you for a month for disobeying me like that!
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have someone or something in mind

Fig. to be thinking of someone or something as a candidate for something. Did you have anyone in mind for the job? I have something in mind for the living-room carpeting. He probably had himself in mind when he spoke about the need for new blood.
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have somebody/something in ˈmind (for something)

be planning to ask somebody to do a job, or use something to do a job: I need a secretary, but I haven’t got anyone in mind.I’ve got a picture by Hockney in mind for the front cover of the book.
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have in mind

1. To remember or think of: She has your best interests in mind.
2. To intend or be inclined (to do something): I have in mind to sell the house.
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