have somebody's name on it

have (one's) name on it

1. To be reserved or intended for one. Are you sure you don't want a popsicle? There's a cherry one here that has your name on it!
2. To be a perfect match for someone's interests or tastes. A: "This mystery novel really has Susie's name on it, doesn't it?" B: "Oh yeah, she loves spooky things."
See also: have, name, on

have (somebody’s ˈname on it


with your ˈname on it

(informal) if something has your name on it, or there is something with your name on it, it is intended for you: He took my place and got killed. It should have been me — that bullet had my name on it.Don’t worry — there’s a job somewhere with your name on it!
See also: have, name, on
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